Everyone loves chocolate right? But if you’re vegan- you need to look a little harder to find dairy free varieties to satisfy your sweet tooth. Well, we’ve done the hard work for you- here’s a list of chocolaty lovelies to keep your treat cupboard well stocked. 

Totally dairy free and delicious

Totally dairy free and delicious

Green and Blacks 

Personalised 100g bars of Green & Black’s are available from Green & Black’s Direct at £5.00 each. A wide selection of gift boxes are also available on the website for you to choose from depending on the taste of the recipient. 


Troffle has 9 chocolates in its vegan range. All of them have dairy-free fondant fillings and the chocolate is free from any animal fats (the chocolate is made from cocoa butter and cocoa mass). The flavours are:

Lime & Basil - sharp, sweet (like a Mojito!) with zingy lime and herbal basil

Preserved Lemon - subtle, tangy lemon offset with a touch of salt

Orange Blossom - made from the petals from the tree in Troffle's Wiltshire garden

Rosewater - made from rose petals from the Troffle garden

Cucumber & Juniper - tastes just like the real thing! Powerful botanical juniper berries and delicate cucumber

Vegan chocolates are available in:

Box of 9 (mixed flavours or choose your own) - £10

Box of 18 (mixed flavours or choose your own) - £17

The Lemon & Lime Box - a mix of Lime & Basil and Preserved Lemon (9 chocolates for £10)

The Gin & Tonic Box - a mix of Cucumber & Juniper and Lime & Basil (9 chocolates for £10)

The Floral Box - a mix of Rosewater and Orange Blossom (9 chocolates for £10)

G.org.e Raw Organic Vegan Chocolate Truffles 

A splendid selection of g.org.e’s delicious , free from chocolate truffles presented in an elegant gift box.

Each box contains 24 handmade truffles from g.org.e’s completely organic truffle flavours range.

  • Chocolate Chocolate Truffle
  • Sour Cherry & Kirsch Chocolate Truffle
  • Rum Chocolate Truffle
  • Coconut Chocolate Truffle
  • Raspberry Chocolate Truffle

Yumbles is the biggest artisan food marketplace championing small-batch British makers. Just like the makers themselves, the Yumbles team are passionate about discovering delicious food made with highest quality ingredients and making them accessible to everyone.


Paxton Dark Chocolate Thins 

The dark chocolate thins are available in Apple & Ginger, Raspberry & Mint, Strawberry & Black Pepper and Mango Paprika. They are available in large, medium and small boxes ranging from £7.50 to £25. All available from www.paxtonchocolate.com


Enjoy a delicious Fairtrade coffee break this spring with the new Cappuccino bar from Divine Chocolate, the only 100% Fairtrade chocolate company that is also co-owned by cocoa farmers. The new rich and creamy treat sized bar combines delicious Divine chocolate with real coffee pieces, perfect for a mid-afternoon pick me up.

The new Cappuccino bar has been designed to look just like its namesake, with a seriously smooth milk chocolate base layer topped with creamy white chocolate, all made with pure cocoa butter and real Madagascan vanilla.

Both rich chocolate layers are blended with Cafédirect Fairtrade Machu Picchu coffee, for a smooth, creamy chocolate bar with an intense hit of rich coffee flavour that’s perfect paired with a steaming hot drink.

Divine chocolate is made with pure cocoa butter for a premium taste that melts in the mouth. The cocoa going into every bar is grown in Ghana by Kuapa Kokoo, the co-operative of cocoa farmers who own 44% of the Divine company. Co-ownership means the cocoa farmers receive a share of the profits they help to create, while you share the chocolate pleasure. 

All Divine’s ingredients are selected for their premium taste and quality, and are also sourced from Fairtrade producers around the world. The chocolate is sweetened with sugar from Kasinthula, a Fairtrade co-operative in Malawi and flavoured with creamy vanilla from Fairtrade farmers in Madagascar.

Cafédirect Machu Picchu coffee is grown by small holder farmers on some of the steepest slopes in the Andes, overlooking the famous Inca ruins of Machu Picchu. The coffee beans are hand-picked and only harvested when perfectly ripe to produce a rich flavour with distinctive dark chocolate overtones that make it the perfect match for Divine chocolate.

The new Divine Cappuccino bar is free from palm oil, GMO ingredients, artificial flavourings, colourings and preservatives, for a treat that’s as rewarding as it is delicious.

Sainsbury's Deliciously Free From 

Sainsbury’s has launched seven new Deliciously FreeFrom ‘Choc’ bars and coins, made to special unique recipes. The new products include alternatives to milk, white and dark chocolate – available in 35g and 100g bars, and coins – as well as an indulgent Orange flavoured Choc variant.

The Deliciously FreeFrom Choc bars are all free from milk, as well as gluten and wheat, providing a sweet treat for all ages with allergies or intolerances. Cows’ milk allergy affects around 3-6% of infants and young children, who usually start to have symptoms in their first few months*.  They are also suitable for vegans who choose to omit milk from their diets.

Alexa Masterson, Sainsbury’s FreeFrom Product Developer commented: “Many of the freefrom chocolate alternatives on the market are made with a similar recipe. We’re proud to be working with an exclusive supplier to Sainsbury’s, using a unique recipe to create this scrumptious alternative that we believe is market leading in terms of quality and taste.  As with regular chocolate, we know that the combination of high quality ingredients is crucial to create a great tasting product, and we think these are as creamy and tasty as the real thing!”

New products include:

  • Deliciously FreeFrom Choc  - an alternative to milk chocolate, available in 35g or 100g bar format and choc coins
  • Deliciously FreeFrom Dark Choc  - an alternative to dark chocolate, available in 100g bar format
  • Deliciously FreeFrom White Choc  - an alternative to white chocolate, available in 100g bar format  and choc coins
  • Deliciously FreeFrom Orange Choc - an alternative to milk chocolate orange, available in 35g bar format

Wyldsson Hazelnut and Cocoa Spread 

Wyldsson (www.wyldsson.com) is a natural health brand and online retailer creating clean, nourishing foods that taste great and are the ultimate in convenience, helping its customers to become their best possible selves.  2017 sees the launch of Wyldsson’s newest spread – Hazelnut and Cocoa (£5.99 per 360g jar, 1kg packs are £14.99), which is vegan and palm oil free and has twice the protein, none of the refined sugar and half the saturated fat of Nutella.

 For more information, please visit www.wyldsson.com

Vegan Chocolate by Conscious

  • Organic chocolate made from high-quality ingredients and low in sugar.
  • Vegan, vegetarian, wheat, gluten and dairy free.
  • High in cacao solids - 70%.
  • Comes in a variety of flavours including: cherry, mint, orange and nut.
  • https://www.healthysupplies.co.uk/conscious-chocolate-raw-organic.html

Vegan Chocolate by iChoc

  • Made with rice milk and contains no artificial flavourings.
  • Vegan, vegetarian, gluten and wheat free and organic.
  • Comes in a variety of flavours including: white vanilla, white nougat, super nut, choco cookie and almond and orange.
  • http://www.healthysupplies.co.uk/ichoc-vegan-chocolate.html

iQ Chocolate 

Totally guilt-free chocolate that tastes delicious. iQ Superfood Chocolate is minimally processed so it has all the nutritional value of the original bean maintained, and is organic, gluten free, soya free, low Gi and dairy free. £1.99 from pruv.co.uk

Forever Cacao

Since Forever Cacao's 80% signature Chocolate bar picked up a Great Taste Award in 2013 the company has gone from strength to strength. The range has been expanded to include a 55% with Coconut Milk, 65% with Lucuma (Small Food Award winner), 72% Ashaninka (World Silver International Chocolate Award winner), 80% with Ashaninka coffee which has been grown in the same region as the Cacao and a 100% sugar free bar for the purists.

Vegan friendly and free from dairy, soya, gluten & palm oil.

Minimally processed in Wales using directly sourced heirloom Ashaninka Cacao beans from deep in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest.

Everyone can now experience the joys and health benefits that Raw Un-roasted Chocolate can bring. Intense deep Chocolate which really hits the spot. Once you've tried these hand crafted, small batch artisan bars there may be no going back to the mass produced confectionary that masquerades as Chocolate.

This is the Chocolate you're looking for, there's nothing guilty about this pleasure – for more info check out 


Cocoa Libre Milk Chocolate Alternative Bar £1.99

Rice milk chocolate bar. Made with rice milk as a delicious, creamy alternative to dairy. Free of gluten, dairy, nuts and wheat, suitable for vegans and coeliacs.

Moo Free Bar Orange £2.75

Our award winning dairy free chocolate is now available in large sized bars bursting with crunchy orange chips. Each orange flavoured bar comes in a luxurious metallic flowrap pack featuring Cheeky Chops the Cheeky Monkey. These Oran  ge bars are made using our secret, organic and dairy free chocolate recipe that ensures that each chocolate bar really does taste like delicious, quality milk chocolate.


Made from Raw Ecuadorian Cacao, unrefined coconut sugars and whole fruits. Ombar are 100% Vegan and Gluten Free and bursting with anti-oxidants, gut friendly live cultures and natural whole fruits. 

Divine Dark Chocolate 

Divine dark chocolate for this – the dark chocolate bars (aside from those containing nuts) are suitable for vegans – from plain 70% or 85% dark chocolate to fruity dark chocolate with raspberries or dark chocolate with ginger and orange or new dark chocolate with pink Himalayan salt. 

Fairtrade Coffee Vegan Dark Chocolate Bar

A 65% dark chocolate bar made with fairtrade coffee. Made in Scotland, UK.

65% dark chocolate bar with coffee. Great for a pick me up in the morning or during those long working days. Break up and and add some to your favourite milk (hot) for a stunning mocha type hot chocolate.

You can count on this little energy pack whenever you feel the need for a boost. It is packed with coffee and sugar to get you through the day without fear of fading out. The best of it is that this chocolate is 100% vegan!

Perfect for anyone who loves coffee, chocolate and anyone who works early mornings.


Vegan Salted Caramel Truffles

Handmade gluten free vegan salted caramels

Our dairy free salted caramels are made using plant based ingredients, and are ideal products for anyone following a dairy free or vegan diet.

We source the finest ingredients and make our caramels each day in our chocolaterie. These truffles are free from gluten and dairy but do contain Soya and are made in an environment that contains nuts.

Our salted caramels are a sell out in our chocolaterie every day, we make these truffles using dark muscovado sugar, soya cream and plant based vegan butter.

Our luxury gift boxes are finished with copper writing and have a gorgeous velvet finish, they make the perfect statement gift for any occasion.


Chocolate and Love

This luxury Fairtrade, organic chocolate brand uses exceptional quality ingredients and comes in seven different flavours including, Coffee, Creamy Dark, Rich Dark, Mint, Orange, Panama and the popular Sea Salt and Caramel. Each one is also gluten free, GMO free and completely natural with no additives and all but two of Chocolate and Love’s products are dairy free, making them ideal for vegans. 

Set up by husband and wife team, Richard and Brigitte O’Conner in 2010, Chocolate and Love source their cacao from Fairtrade certified cooperatives in Peru, The Dominican Republic and Panama. The farmers in these cooperatives are paid a premium of between 10-25% extra for their beans, meaning that they have the opportunity to trade their crop and that ultimately, they are paid a fair price for their work and produce. These communities have become a larger part of the Chocolate and Love family, and many of these are made up of various small family-run farms.


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