Rebel Kitchen Raw Coconut Water

Had one too many mince pies or mulled wines? Festive over-indulgence can leave us feeling lethargic and less than our best!

Have a very vegan Christmas!

Have a very vegan Christmas!

The new year is the perfect time to reset and get back to feeling fresh and vital and Rebel Kitchen are here to help...

Rebel Kitchen has launched a Raw Organic Coconut Water made using only organic young green coconuts grown in the Philippines.

Simply made with nothing added, it is the closest taste that there is to drinking straight from a cracked freshly picked coconut!

Why is it different?

  • With its notably crisp, clean taste, Rebel Kitchen's Coconut Water is the closest taste that there is to drinking straight from a cracked freshly picked coconut!
  • Rebel Kitchen uses organic young green coconuts which contain high levels of antioxidants, which turn PINK when oxidized giving it it's lovely pink hue
  • Simply made - bold taste, fewer ingredients, nothing added
  • Done right - always organic, responsibly sourced & produced

250ml / 473ml, RRP £1.99 / £3.49

Rebel Kitchen's commitment to sustainability means its coconuts are sourced from local Philippine farmers, with every effort made to reduce waste. The same coconut is used to put coconut water into its bottles, coconut meat into its yogurts, and remaining coconut husks are then used to fuel the plant in the Philippines

Barley Cup

Barleycup is a delicious range of instant gluten-free drinks made from roasted cereals and chicory root. All Barleycup beverages are gluten-free and have been certified by Coeliac UK. A special process is used to separate the gluten and the products are regularly tested by an accredited laboratory to ensure that the gluten levels do not exceed 10mg/kg**.

Not only is Barleycup gluten-free, it is also free-from any caffeine or artificial additives, making it the natural choice for those who care about their diet yet like tea and coffee. Simply add hot water to a spoonful of Barleycup for a drink that contains no added sugar but has a tempting aroma and a mild taste and contains just 10kcals a cup! Enjoy a cup of gluten-free Barleycup on its own or with milk, including soy, almond or rice milk as part of a healthy balanced diet.

Barleycup Powder and Barleycup Granules are available in 200g jars from Holland & Barrett. All Barleycup drinks - including Barleycup with Dandelion are available at independent health food stores nationwide and online including:


Average retail price October 2015, for Barleycup powder 100g £2.00

For more information on Barleycup as well as recipes please visit:

Doves Farm Pasta

With more and more people opting for Free From diets both for health and lifestyle reasons, award-winning family-owned Wiltshire millers and bakers, Doves Farm, has introduced two new pasta varieties to its Free From range; Maize and Rice Tortiglioni and Brown Rice Tortiglioni.

The two new products are ideal for those catering for specific diets who still want to enjoy pasta. They are quick to cook and add variety to a healthy lifestyle, as well as offering so many similarities to regular pasta, family and friends may not even realise they are eating a gluten free dish!

Both pastas are made from the same clean ingredients as Doves Farm's award winning penne and fusilli shapes, and are not only free from gluten, but also free from milk, peanut, egg and soya, certified by Soil Association, Coeliac UK and Kosher.

The launch of the Maize and Rice Tortiglioni and Brown Rice Tortiglioni extends Doves Farm's pasta range to 10 products, which already includes its award-winning Buckwheat Penne and Multigrain Penne, all of which are organic, gluten free and made in Italy. The two new pastas are available on Doves Farm webshop - [RRP 500g bag - £2.49].

Doves Farm offers two distinct product ranges - Organic and Free From - both milled in their own dedicated mills. The Organic range - the go-to brand for home-baking - features a range of high quality and innovative premium flours including those milled from ancient grains such as KAMUT® which is a Khorasan wheat and Emmer, one of the first grains cultivated by mankind. It also offers flours milled from more traditional grains such as spelt and rye, as well as yeast and an assortment of biscuits made from its own flour. The Free From range - the go-to brand for Free From baking and food for the day - includes flours, baking essentials, pasta, breakfast cereals, cookies and flapjacks, all milled and produced in its dedicated allergen free bakery.

Visit Doves Farm on or check out Twitter or Facebook for further information.

Wood Roasted and Salted Cashew Nuts

We might be used to cashew nuts looking beige and bland, but head to Vietnam, where many of the cashews on our supermarket shelves come from, and those being eaten by people on the streets look altogether very different.This is because in the UK we're used to eating cashews with their skins off, whilst in Vietnam they are preferred roasted with their skins on. We're missing out on the tastiest part of these savoury snacks however, as Grape Tree are hoping to prove with the launch of their Wood Roasted Cashews.

By wood roasting cashews with their skin on, and adding a touch of salt, the nuts are given a delicious rich flavour. Still retaining the taste of cashews that we all know and love, but adding an extra level of taste, this delicious method of preparing the nuts quickly makes you appreciate why this is the favoured way to eat them in their country of origin.

Best enjoyed as a healthy afternoon snack or accompanied by your favourite drink as an appetizer, if you enjoy nuts then these are a must. Just be warned, once you've had one they're very hard to put down!!

Now available from Grape Tree health stores nationwide or from

Raw Dried Goldenberry

Introducing a new superfood for 2017; Raw Dried Goldenberry from Nature's Heart - a deliciously sweet and tangy South American fruit snack that will brighten balanced breakfasts, smoothies, baking and afternoon energy slumps. Next year will see the trend for plant-based products continue to grow as people incorporate more fruit into natural and flexible diets.1 Bursting with vitality-boosting vitamins and minerals, goldenberries (aka physalis) provide a quick and pure pick-me-up for those looking to get back on the track after an indulgent festive season. The cheery round berries from Ecuador offer an abundance of supernutrients to help the body and immune system function at their best this winter. Just a dash of pineapple juice is added to balance the tangy taste, and cut out added sugar. 100g of the hand-harvested dried fruit provides:

- 71% of the RDA of vitamin A

- 60% of the RDA of potassium, more than two bananas

- 27% of the RDA of vitamin C

- 19% of the RDA of iron

- High in zinc and vitamin B1

The Nature's Heart vegan superfood range also includes:

- Goldenberry + Chia Smoothie - first in the UK

- Raw Dried Cacao-Covered Goldenberry sweet treats

- Goldenberry + Chia Powder Blend

- Energising Goldenberry + Turmeric + Coconut Superpowder - coming soon!

Nature's Heart Raw Dried Goldenberry come in handy resealable pouches that fit easily into your bag or desk. Available at Waitrose nationwide, and Ocado; £2.59 for 90g.

Personalised Marmite

This Christmas, to celebrate the return of personalised Marmite, the nation's favourite yeasty spread is launching a brand new service that allows customers to order free, personalised jars for their loved ones (or themselves), all via the tap of an emoji on Twitter.

The one-of-a-kind, super fast service can be ordered by tweeting:

🎉 + name / message for the jar + @Marmite + #LoveItHateItNameIt

Whether for a secret Santa present or as the perfect stocking filler, Marmite's exclusive service has it covered and is helping make Christmas shopping quicker and easier than ever before.

The unique offer is launching for one day only on Friday 2nd December 2016 starting from 12pm. The free jars are available for the first 100 people who tweet Marmite with a name or message within the nine-character limit.

To try out your message, or just to order a personalised jar, visit the Marmite personalisation website:

For more news and information in the meantime, keep your eyes peeled on Marmite's Twitter channel:

Clearspring Sea Veg Crispies

Clearspring sea veg crispies are now certified organic by the Soil Association and a second flavour Chilli has been launched.

These thin, light and crispy toasted nori sea vegetable snacks are baked for just a few seconds to maximize crispiness. Made with just four simple ingredients: nori grown in the clear waters off the coast of Korea, unrefined sea salt and organic sesame and rapeseed oil which combine to produce this tasty, convenient and nutritious snack.

  • Gluten Free & High in Fibre
  • Vegan & No additives or preservatives
  • MSG Free & Non GMO
  • High in minerals

Seaveg crispies are the perfect light and nutritious mid-morning snack, crushed and sprinkled over a lunch time salad or as an accompaniment to rice balls as part of an evening meal. The slightly salty, savoury flavour is both satisfying and very moreish but, at only 28 calories per pack they are a guilt-free indulgence. The new chilli flavour on the other hand delivers a fiery hit, quite unexpected for such a small crispy!

Available from Health Food Wholesales, Independent retailers and on-line.

RRP: Single 5g £0.89.

Multipack 3 x 5g £2.19

Delicious on its own, with sushi or sprinkled over salads.

Superfoods Orgran Free From Range

'Superfoods' is the new buzzword and leading 'free from' brand, Orgran, is introducing some innovative new lines this autumn with added nutritional benefit which will enhance its offering and are sure to be a hit with consumers.

First up are two new pasta recipes, Super Trio, which feature a combination of alternative grains: kale, quinoa and brown rice in one and millet, quinoa and buckwheat in the other. They are available as either Penne or Spirals and present as a premium boxed product.

These pastas are much higher in protein and fibre than standard gluten free pastas made with rice and/or corn and cook perfectly in just 10 minutes.

Breakfast also gets a makeover, with the introduction of Quinoa Porridge. Made with quinoa and a blend of wholegrains, the range consists of one 'original' porridge in a 230g box, ideal for eating at home and two flavoured porridges (apple/cinnamon and berry) packed in sachets - 7 per box, just perfect for taking to work and keeping in your desk for those oversleeping mornings or just when you feel in need of a mid-morning boost. All varieties are high in fibre, low in fat and sugar and cook in just a minute and will blend with either milk or a preferred dairy alternative.

Hey Like Wow

Hey Like Wow is a brand new vitamin rich range soft drinks brand which is in Tesco stores now. The range comprises of revolutionary new Sugarwise certified soft drinks that are set to change the soft drinks market. A powdered vitamin formula is packed into a cap which delivers the ingredients to pure, natural mineral water at the moment of consumption - as soon as you press down on the lid. Ensuring maximum vitamin efficacy without the need for preservatives in the water, HLW's range of 11 flavoured drinks provide calcium and vitamins B6, B3 and D, and is the first UK soft drink to contain no artificial colours, no artificial sweeteners and zero preservatives. Simply, push, shake, drink!

Soreen Banana Lunchbox Loaves

In a convenient and easy format, these are great for those families who are constantly on the go. Kids love the banana pieces and puree in the banana loaves, perfect for those little ones who don't like dried fruit.

At only 95 calories each and less than 0.3g saturated fat the loaves even meet the Government's Nutritional Standards for Schools.

Recommended by 9 out of 10 mums, these little loaves are perfect as a healthy snack alternative for lunchboxes of all ages, or great to just snack and go, no need to slice.

Each pack contains 5 individually wrapped bite size treats

The Linda McCartney Vegetarian Sausage Rolls (6 per pack, £1.95 All major retailers including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, ASDA, Waitrose) are perfect for meat-free entertaining at Christmas or New Year and feature a vegetarian Cumberland sausage-style filling wrapped in puff pastry.

The Linda McCartney Vegetarian Sausages (6 per pack, £1.95 All major retailers including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, ASDA, Morrisons, Waitrose) can be used in canapés, served with Christmas lunch in place of sausage meat or enjoyed as a tasty breakfast on a lazy festive morning!

Sainsburys Deliciously Free From Iced Mince Pies

4 Iced mince pies with a citrus and cranberry mincemeat.

(Produced in a factory that handles egg)

Coco Community

Arriving onto the scene this November is Coco Community - a fresh, pure and organic coconut water. Made exclusively from 'single source' Nam Hom coconuts directly from Thailand's tropics, their sweet fragrance and distinctive nutty flavour will quench the thirst of coconut water lovers this winter. To make the deal even sweeter, the mission of Coco Community is to nurture fair, long-term, partnerships with farmers - guaranteeing that everyone from the growers to the drinkers get the best.

Coco Community aims to empower the farmers and their families by supporting local grower initiatives that will nurture long-term socio-economic development in the Ratchaburi province of Thailand. Every time you crack open the deliciously pure, organic coconut water, you know you are directly supporting the community that grows it.

So drink up - it's good (for everyone).

Heinz Creationz

Heinz is revamping their beans and pulses range and introducing an innovative new variety of beans and pulses in mixes to allow consumers to create a collection of new meals, using interesting tastes that have been formed using Heinz's sauce expertise and passion for food - Heinz Creationz.

The revamped collection introduces four on-trend, mouth-watering recipes; Mexican Beanz, Veg Chilli Beanz, Curry Lentils and Tagine Chickpeas. Quick, convenient and easy to prepare, the new range can be enjoyed every day of the week as a key meal solution component or a tasty snack on its own, to appeal to a wide audience of consumers. The selection also taps into the increasing consumer demands towards consuming nutritionally balanced meals by providing 2 of 5 a day in each portion and absolutely no artificial colours or preservatives.

The range features recipes that were rated highly by consumers in research carried out by Heinz, and offers consumers a tasty and easy meal solution meeting contemporary meal occasions with modern host foods such as, nachos, rice and cous cous, instead of just traditional recipes.

The packaging delivers great on-shelf standout, with quirky colourful icons to represent each flavour and real food shots inspiring consumers to create new meals with Heinz Creationz. The packaging features gold typography against a black background that sets the Heinz Creationz apart as a sub brand in its own identity, with a premium modern feel that is sure to grab the eye of passing shoppers.

Heinz is supporting the launch of the Heinz Creationz with in store experiential sampling and digital media via a bespoke online hub of information for consumers. The hub hosts a range of recipe ideas to educate on how to create exciting meals in minutes. The link to the hub will also be printed on the packaging. www.


A steaming mug of mulled wine can be hard to beat on a cold winter's day, but not ideal if you're driving, watching the calories or going alcohol free this New Years.

A tasty, if not slightly ironic, alternative may be found in the unusual form of an iced tea.

With around a fifth of the calories of mulled wine and alcohol free, Yum Cha's Sour Plum Iced Tea offers one of the first iced teas available in a cordial style format; you simply add water, hot or cold, and away you go.

Add cold water and ice and you get a refreshing cold drink for a summer's day, add hot water and the iced tea, made with dried Wu Mei plums, liquorice root and sweet osmanthus flowers, is transformed into a winter warmer with spicy autumnal flavours.

Available now for £3.95 a bottle (which makes around 20 mugs) from, delis, farms shops and Amazon.

Tofoo Co

The Tofoo Company tofu is the perfect ingredient for salads, stews and simple mid-week suppers. Surprise and delight your friends and family with this great new ingredient.

Handmade in small batches, to a traditional Japanese recipe, our Tofoo has a delicious delicate taste and texture that might surprise you. Made using organic soya beans and nigari, an all-natural ingredient created from seawater, Tofoo is a versatile and exciting ingredient and also a brilliant source of low-calorie, cholesterol-free protein.

The Naked Tofoo (RRP £2.00) is a pure, unflavoured medium-firm tofu that's perfect for any recipe. Just like all of our Tofoo products, it's quick and easy to prepare and can be eaten raw or cooked. Naked Tofoo is made using natural nigari rather than calcium sulphate (the chemical used in most tofus available in the supermarket), which means it has a superior flavour and texture that really stands out whatever recipe you decide to cook.

Use Naked Tofoo in delicately-flavoured recipes and allow its unique taste and texture to shine through. Naked Tofoo is also perfect for creative foodies as it takes on the flavours of any marinade, coating or sauce - perfect for curries and scrumptious stir-fries.

Quick Facts:

  • The Tofoo Company, Naked Tofoo 280g
  • RRP £2.00
  • 100% natural and organic, perfect for vegetarians and vegans.
  • Non-GM, dairy, wheat, gluten and yeast free.
  • Brilliant source of low calorie, cholesterol free protein.
  • Available from Ocado and Tesco

For inspiration and information about how to get the most from your Tofoo visit or get social for lots of inspiring recipe ideas and Tofoo facts.

Hotel Chocolat

  • The All Dark Collection, £25 - Brooding high-cocoa recipes for those who prefer their chocolate on the dark side.
  • Fruit & Nut Frenzy Giant Slab, £16 - Succulent golden raisins and cranberries and incredibly crunchy almonds and Piedmont hazelnuts wrapped in 70% dark chocolate.
  • Chilli Chocolate Sweethearts, £8 - 20 intricately engraved hearts cast in 70% dark chocolate with cocoa crispies and tingling chilli that gently warms.
  • 10 dark slabs from our brand new Rare & Vintage collection, from £3.15 - Upgrade to some of the best chocolate on the planet. Bean-to-bar in our small-batch roastery, to tease out the multi-layered flavours. From 6 different countries.

Franklin and Sons Tonics

The Franklin & Sons range of handcrafted premium tonics and mixers combine heritage and natural ingredients and are a perfect accompaniment for revered spirits and all vegan-friendly, of course! Available in Selfridges and Harrods, the set come beautifully packaged ready to share at Christmas.

The Franklin & Sons range is available from Selfridges and Harrods at the RRP of £1.25-£1.50 per 200ml bottle, and in your favourite bars and restaurants including the Great Northern Hotel, Grosvenor House and Hilton

Sparkling Beer Brut

This Christmas, kick off festivities with the UK's only 'sparkling beer', exclusively from British farmhouse brewery, Savour. With a rich, floral and highly effervescent flavour, the sparkling beer is an ideal festive gift for friends and family. Available from the John Lewis website and at select stores across the UK, RRP £18 for 750ml.

Savour also has a giftpack of its classic farmhouse beers; Saison, Blonde and Dubbel. The gift offers a trio of refreshing tastes for the ultimate beer lover to enjoy; the Saison incorporates fresh lemongrass to produce a crisp and zesty beer; Blonde is highly hopped to give a pine and fruity aroma with an assertive bitterness; whilst Dubbel delivers a slightly dry finish with flavours of spices, fruits and a warming intensity. Also available from John Lewis, RRP £16, 3x330ml each.

t +

t plus drinks have created a groundbreaking new vitamin enriched healthy hot drink for the new generation of health conscious individuals. 2.5 million cups of green tea are drank every day in the UK and 1 in 3 UK adults take some form of vitamin supplements. To bridge this gap and make healthy living easier and more convenient, t plus created a range of functional hot drinks to offer the benefits of vitamins combined with green tea and functional hebs to make healthy living & drinking more accessible.

t plus drinks consist of a blend of Sri Lankan green tea, natural fruit flavourings, functional herbs and 50% RDA of 9 essential vitamins to aid healthy living. Some of the benefits the vitamins give to t plus' new generation of smarter teas are:

• Vitamin C - To help contribute to maintain the normal function of the immune system and also to normal collagen formation.

• Biotin - contributes to normal functioning of the nervous system

• Vitamin B2 - contributes to the maintenance of normal skin.

• Vitamin B6 - contributes to normal psychological function.

Vitamin B12 - contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

t plus has also been created with a mission to 'share the health' through partnership with charity Vitamin Angels, who aim to eradicate malnutrition worldwide through their vitamin programme for children and new mums in developing countries. t plus participate in their vitamin A programme, pledging to donate £0.10 from evey box of t plus sold, just £0.20 is enough to provide vitamin A to one child for a full year.

"We are an independent and unique company on a mission to make the world of tea a little smarter. We noticed a gap in the market in which we could provide a new functional hot drink that was great tasting, healthy and did some good for you and the world around us" says founder James Dawson.

Each box of t plus contains 15x tea bags and has a RRP of £3.69.

Creative Nature

Introducing the UK's first ever Organic, Allergen Free, Refined Sugar Free, Superfood Home Baking Mixes.

At Creative Nature it's all about using ingredients of the highest quality to produce products that are both delicious and nutritious! Through grit and determination CEO Julianne Ponan brought the brand on leaps and bounds. A lot of research and many evenings in the kitchen resulted in Creative Nature inventing the perfect recipes that cater for all allergens, as well as being organic and having a high enough percentage of superfoods to offer tested health claims. Creative Nature became finalists in the natural and organic awards of Europe 2016 for best new special diet product, as well as picking up the great taste award two years running.

Creative Nature products are manufactured in the UK and are packed full of nutritional goodness. There really are no other home making mixes like these! Offering the indulgent Chia & Cacao chocolate chip Brownie Mix and the tempting Chia & Mulberry Muffin Mix. Both are 100% natural and organic mixes to create delicious bakes, using raw ingredients that are also suitable for vegans. As well as being gluten, dairy, nut, soya and wheat free, these are also packed with Iron and Magnesium to give you that extra boost and fight fatigue throughout the day!

Too often the healthier option can be seen as the less delicious one, but Creative Nature are ready to prove that this is not the case. These two home baking mixes contain no refined sugar, syrup, honey, preservatives or sweeteners yet still offer a delightfully tasty flavour. Throwing a festive party? These easy make brownies and muffins are the perfect treat, no need to worry about allergens, just enjoy!

Both mouth-watering mixes are £5.49 each from Creative Nature or buy them together for £9.98.

Delicious Alchemy

Tis the season to be jolly and this Christmas gluten free brand Delicious Alchemy will help you serve up a delicious festive meal, enjoy a sweet treat, and even bake goodies to hang from the tree, with its range of gluten and dairy free Christmas crackers.

Delicious Alchemy's Sage and Red Onion Stuffing Mix brings together fragrant herby sage with sweet red onion to offer deliciously tasting stuffing that's soft and fluffy on the inside and delightfully crusty on the outside. For a Christmas dinner that has all the trimmings, simply prepare the mix, roll into small balls and bake.

Delicious Alchemy was founded 10 years ago by Emma Killilea, who decided to develop her own range of gluten free products due to the lack of quality products available. The product range includes breakfast cereals, cake and bread mixes, which are free from GM ingredients, artificial colourings and flavourings. All products are guaranteed to be gluten free and carry Coeliac UK's Crossed Grain symbol.

Delicious Alchemy's Sage and Red Onion Stuffing Mix (£2.50, RRP) can be found in health food retailers and farm shops nationwide, as well as Delicious Alchemy's online shop now.

For more information, products and recipes visit

Sparkling Ice

Sparkling Ice - the leading flavoured sparkling water brand has announced the launch of its delicious Kiwi Strawberry flavour, which comes just in time for Kiwi season, where the fruit is currently at its prime for harvest throughout the winter season.

At just 12 calories and zero sugar the beverage stands as the ultimate better-for-you alternative to the many calorific fizzy drinks options on the shelves.

The new addition joins the existing three flavours, Black Raspberry, Orange Mango and Peach Nectarine and can be purchased in leading supermarkets such as Tesco and Sainsbury's, as well as independent retailers.

Tea India Coconut Chai

The clocks have been put back and summer days seem far away, but Tea India has just the thing to keep your spirits high this winter. New Coconut Chai, the first coconut flavoured Chai tea available on UK shelves, is a deliciously creamy blend of refreshing black tea, revitalising coconut and calming exotic spices for a truly distinctive Chai experience.

Chai Tea has been served in India for centuries, with each family having its own special recipe; now Tea India's expert blenders have created this bespoke blend just for you.

Said to 'warm the heart and heal the soul', take a moment away from busy modern life to focus on you with a warming cup of Chai and transport yourself directly to India without leaving your kitchen.

For the perfect Coconut Chai experience, use one tea bag per person, add freshly boiled water and infuse for 3-5 minutes. Add milk or your favourite dairy free alternative, sugar or honey to taste and enjoy! Coconut Chai is also perfect for creating warming lattes on a cold winter's morning, simply infuse in simmering milk and sweeten to taste.

New Tea India Coconut Chai is available now in Waitrose stores with an RRP of £2.45 for 40 tea bags

Popchips Ridges

NEW popchips Ridges brings Brits a big & bold taste sensation. It's time to give your taste buds a spanking, with NEW popchips Ridges, available in four cheeky flavours, all with big crunch for ultimate satisfaction. If you like it hot, look no further than the new popchips Ridges crazy hot flavour. One bite and you'll be hit by a wave of chilli, left feeling fired up and ready for more.

Think you're hot enough already? Well there are three other delicious flavours to get you going - sizzling smoky bacon, sassy sea salt & vinegar and mature cheddar & onion, so whatever mood you are in, there's a bold flavour to satisfy.

The new range of popchips Ridges flavours are packed full of flavoursome crunch, still with less than half the fat of fried crisps and under 100 calories per pack - so get ready to thrill those tastebuds!

Jealous Sweets Christmas Crackers

Asda Free From Christmas Pudding - gluten, wheat and dairy free - single £1.20, family size 3.00.

Dark advent calendar, £12.50 - 'Twas the night before Christmas: 24 Christmas sculptures cast in 70% dark.

Dark snowflake, £4.50 - 85% Dark.

Cocoa Mulled Wine, £5 - Three cocoa & spice-filled sachets in fine muslin, full of traditional winter warming flavours - with 100% cocoa, cinnamon, orange peel, lemon peel, cloves and ginger.

Cocoa Gin & Morello Cherry Jam, £5 - Opening the jar releases the aroma of sweet cherries with heady cocoa gin. Brings seasonal decadence to crumpets, puts a spring in the step after breakfast toast - the perfect start to Christmas morning.

Spice Apple & Cocoa Nib Chutney, £5 - A unique chutney made with Granny Smith apples, grapes, cinnamon and ginger with a dash of golden rum, brandy and, of course, top-quality roasted cocoa nibs.

Dark Ho Ho Ho, £2.50 - 3 individually wrapped Tiddly Santas in dark.

The Dark Sleigh Team, £7.50 - Did you hear the bells? Santa's reindeer have touched down in 70% dark.

Eat Nakd Christmas Pudding Bars £1.00

Fans of the Nakd bars range will be thrilled to see this limited edition festive flavour hit the shelves. These moreish bars contain one of your five a day and, as with all Nakd bars, they are gluten, wheat and dairy free.

Booja Booja Around Midnight Espresso Truffles £8.99

A beautiful box filled with flavoursome truffles. These chocolates are a great dairy and gluten free treat as well as adding a bit of sophistication to your festivities.

Mini Moos Santa Bars £1.19

New from Moo Free this box contains a Santa bar, bunnycomb, minty moo and an orange bar all of which are dairy free and perfect for sharing… or keeping all for yourself!

Cocoa Libre Rice Milk Santa and Reindeer £2.99

It's simply not Christmas without Santa! Containing six rice milk chocolate Santa's and reindeer these, tasty treats are made with rice milk, a creamy alternative to dairy. Free from gluten, dairy and nuts, they make a great gift for anyone with a food intolerance or allergy.

All available from Holland and Barrett.

Chocolate Cocoa Tea

Chocoholic? Hardened tea drinker? Keen to kick both habits in 2017? Then try the new chocolate cocoa tea from Paxton Chocolate, the perfect drink to help you stick to your new year's resolutions!

The new Chocolate Cocoa Tea from Paxton Chocolate is a fragrant tea made from roasted cocoa nibs, which has a delicious, chocolatey aroma and floral, refreshing taste.

Rich in anti-oxidants, cacoa tea is all the good things about chocolate with none of the naughtiness! So you can enjoy a freshly brewed cup of chocolatey goodness, with none of the guilt.

Paxton's Chocolate Cocoa Tea is healthy, refreshing and delicious and should help curb your chocolate cravings any time of the day.

It is available in three delicious variants: Raspberry, Mango and Fennel Seed and all three help to compliment the complex cocoa flavour.

Paxton's Chocolate Cocoa Tea is available in 120g tins (Fennel Seed is 110g) (RRP £8.50), from

Feel Good Drinks

Feel Good Drinks know that if you drink 'good', you feel good. The 100% natural soft drink has enjoyed a refresh, with a new look and a new range of uplifting flavours for you to enjoy.

The six updated flavours come in a choice of refreshingly still or a little bit bubbly, and with no added sugar - ever - you can drink good and feel good, safe in the knowledge that each uplifting flavour is 100% natural, made from a simple blend of fruit and water.

To celebrate the launch of the new range, Feel Good Drinks will be sampling at this year's Clothes Show Live at Birmingham's NEC between 2nd-6th December, they also want to discover your favourite #FeelGoodMoments. So whether it's beating your personal best at the gym, spending a sunny day with friends or finding a new favourite drink, Feel Good fans can join the conversation using #FeelGoodMoments.

The three new flavours in the 'Bit Bubbly' range include Orange, Passion Fruit & Water, Apple, Elderflower & Water, and finally Cranberry, Lime & Water - each found in 750ml and 275ml glass bottles.

The 'Refreshingly Still' range includes the flavours of Orange, Mango & Water, Cranberry, Pomegranate & Water, and Lemon, Elderflower & Water. Each arrives in 275ml glass bottles or 400ml plastic bottles.

Becky Unwin, senior brand manager for Feel Good Drinks, said: "At Feel Good Drinks we want people to drink good and feel good so we've created a range of drinks using only natural ingredients and uplifting flavours.

"We are thrilled to be at the Clothes Show Live this December with our new range , we want people to come along and try our exciting new flavours, and tell us all about their feel good moments!"

Visit, follow Feel Good Drinks @feelgooddrinks, find us on Facebook at and tag us on Instagram @feelgooddrinks

Koko Kanu

Koko Kanu is a blend of the finest Jamaican rum with coconut. The unique and exotic flavour is created using rums with coconut notes, which are carefully selected before being aged for a whole year. The delicious, full-bodied rum is then charcoal filtered and blended with coconut to create Koko Kanu.

RRP: £19, Koko Kanu is available to buy at Sainsbury's and Ocado.

Simple Bakes by Wellaby's

Simple Bakes from Wellaby's are the perfect, healthier alternative to potato crisps and they have just launched in the UK. They come in 120g bags priced at £1.79 per bag and can currently be purchased online in packs of x6 at - image attached.

About Wellaby's Simple Bakes ( )

Simple Bakes are a new range of tasty, totally moreish, savoury snacks that everyone can feel free to enjoy. The latest snacking innovation from Wellaby's, Simple Bakes are made using the finest, authentic ingredients. These delicious wholegrain snacks are also free from most common allergens including gluten, nuts and eggs and they contain no diary. With only 6% fat and less than 100 calories per serving, Simple Bakes are also a healthier snacking option as they contain 70% less fat that regular potato crisps. Simple Bakes are available in a range of tempting flavours including, Pinch of Salt & Pepper, Spicy Chilli and Smoky BBQ. Suitable for Vegan and Vegetarian diets.


Available in Tesco's stores from October (RRP: £2.60), the Schär Wholesome Vitality Loaf is made with quinoa, chestnut and sorghum plus sunflower and linseeds for a truly flavoursome and nutritious loaf. This delicious new gluten free bread is also high in fibre, low in saturated fat and suitable for vegans in addition to being gluten, wheat, lactose and preservative free.

T2 Mulled Wine Magic Christmas Tin

A fruity, zesty and enchanting winter favourite that encapsulates all the aromatic flavour of traditional mulled wine. Each sip is a fragrant journey, with a touch of spice to warm you up from the inside out.

Available online at from 7th November

Fairfields Farm Lentil Lites

Reaching for a bag of snacks doesn't have to add inches to your waistline. The delicious new Lentil Lites from Fairfields Farm are low fat, low calorie and full of flavour!

Lentil Lites are the newest addition to the snack aisle, offering something completely different to health-conscious nibblers.

Lentil Lites are made using nutritious and wholesome lentil flour which is not only healthy, but also offers a slow-release of energy that helps keep you full up.

The new Lentil Lites are available in three tasty flavours: Blue Cheese, Jalapeño Chilli & Lime and Tomato & Herb. And, at under 99 calories a bag, you can enjoy them without the guilt.

Lentil Lites are available in 20g foil-fresh bags, RRP 75p. They are gluten free and made from all natural ingredients. For more information visit

The Primal Pantry

The Primal Pantry multipacks are on sale in Tesco for £2.39 until the 13th of December instead of RRP £2.99


9BAR is a delicious, natural source of good energy for people who lead active lives; whether that involves competitive sport, keeping fit or just another busy day.

Every bar is packed with naturally nutritious sunflower, pumpkin, sesame and hemp seeds as well as other naturally high-fibre, gluten free ingredients. 9BAR is free from wheat, gluten, yeast and egg. It's ideal for those with specific allergies or dietary requirements and contains no trans fats, artificial additives, preservatives or colours.

Born and bred in North Wales, 9BAR is committed to providing people with delicious, natural sources of good energy - whilst constantly developing and expanding its varieties to complement current food trends.

All vegan except for Super Seeds Organic Original Lift Bar.

For further info visit:

For the first time ever, super seed brand, 9BAR, is bringing a wealth of health and super seed goodness directly to your front door, with the launch of their new subscription pack service. 

Launching 1st November and available to buy directly from the 9BAR website ( without the hassle of having to re-order, the packs will be full to the brim with delicious, nutritious 9BARs as well as a whole range of added extras and lifestyle benefits.

Tyrrells Bellini Poshcorn

It's Tyrrells Poshcorn Cocktail hour! Put the glamour into Christmas with this fun, frivolous and ever so slightly fizzy cocktail delight from the popconnoiseurs at Tyrrells. Available in generous sharing sized 75g packs, Bellini Poshcorn is carefully popped in small batches at Tyrrells Court Farm using gold standard kernels, Tyrrells Bellini Poshcorn is available from COOP, Ocado and Independents nationwide with and RRP of £1.59

This delightfully decadent duo is the latest to join the Tyrrells hall of fame, alongside the likes of the much-loved Mixed Root Vegetable Crisps range. A delightfully colourful, earthy union, each pack of Tyrrells' Vegetable Crisps consists of delicately hand-cooked slivers of Parsnips, Carrots and Beetroot and boasts a two star Great Taste Award. A perfectly sophisticated snack suitable for the ritziest of Christmas get-togethers.


Linwoods, producers of healthy super foods, bakery and dairy products, has introduced its new creation, Snackettes - a slow cooked, natural and nutrition-packed alternative to unhealthy nibbles. Launching in outlets across the UK and Ireland, they are also available to order online from Ocado and a number of independent health food stores priced at £1.69 per pack.

The dynamic little triangle-shaped treats are 100% organic and packed full of natural goodness. Available in three appetising flavours; Banana & Coconut, Spicy Tomato and Superseeds, not only are they delicious, but these cunning little triangles make the perfect guilt-free snack.

Leading the way with innovation in healthy eating, the handy sized snacks pack a powerful nutritional punch and are a great way to keep hunger at bay until mealtime. With no added salt or sugar, Snackettes are 100% natural and organic - the perfect source of Fibre, Protein and Omega 3.

Sarah Shimmons, Head of Marketing, Linwoods, explains: "Eating well isn't just about avoiding the foods which we all know are firmly on the 'naughty list'. We also want to help people to make positive choices by offering great natural foods which not only taste good, but actually do you good with every bite."

"When we fancied a healthy snack in a handy packet we couldn't find one, so we harnessed our seeds, nuts and berries expertise and invented Linwoods Snackettes. The result is a great-tasting alternative to sugar and salt-filled snacks, perfect to eat on the go, post-workout, or simply to enjoy when you feel you need a tasty treat."

Linwoods Snackettes are available to purchase online at, Ocado and select health food stores priced at £1.69 per pack (30g).

Explore Pasta

If you are looking for a non-wheat-based pasta then Explore's new pulse pasta could be for you. The new high protein, high fibre pulse pastas have the same soft pasta texture we are used to but bring many health benefits to the table.

Made in Italy from organic lentils and chickpeas, the new pastas are the perfect option for all dietary requirements, including gluten free, vegetarian or vegan. The new pulse pasta is available in six varieties; chickpea fusilli and spaghetti, green lentil lasagne and penne, and red lentil penne and spaghetti.

Explore's pulse pastas are available in 250g packs from, ASDA, Holland & Barrett, Ocado and Planet Organic. Average retail price for Explore's pulse pasta is £3.29.

Urban Fruit's Coconut Chips

It's hard to find a tasty snack to munch on the move that both satisfies your cravings and is good for you. Urban Fruit has the answer with its brand new 100% natural coconut chips - you'll find yourself crunching your way to work and munching all the way home (warning: they're super-moreish!). Whether you're looking for something naturally sweet or fancy a snack with a spicy kick, there's a flavour to suit your mood and they can be found on supermarket shelves from October.

Made from 100% coconuts, these crunchy coconut chips are all natural, triple toasted (never fried!) and full of fibre to give you that healthy island glow. Available in two delicious flavours; Sriracha Chilli, with a sprinkle of coconut nectar and a kick of sriracha chilli and Straight Up, naked but for a sprinkle of sea salt and coconut nectar - you'll have a hard time choosing which is your favourite. Why not munch on the heavenly Straight Up chips as a natural 11 o'clock snack? Or tuck into a bag of Sriracha Chilli for a hit of spice before a big meeting?

The team at Urban Fruit believes in hanging onto all the good stuff and like all of their snacks, these contain absolutely no refined sugar, no sulphites, no concentrates - just straight up simple goodness! Each bag of coconut chips is vegan friendly, gluten free and contains less than 130 calories, making them the ultimate guilt free treat!

Coconut Chips are available from Tesco stores nationwide RRP: £1 (25g).


With more and more people opting for a low-sugar or sugar-free lifestyle, the only substitute to trust is SugaVida, the UK's exclusive supplier of organic Palmyra Jaggery (a crystallised, unrefined nectar alternative to sugar). The ultimate nutritious 'super-sugar', SugaVida has a low GI making it safe for diabetics by regulating blood sugar levels. Available at major retailers with new packaging from early November, SugaVida RRP £6.49 (250g).

Whilst many other 'natural' sweeteners claim to be healthy, there is evidence to show that none can compare to SugaVida's Palmyera Jaggery. This is because it's a nutrient dense traditional ayurvedic medicinal ingredient, which helps reduce inflammation in the body, leading to a myriad of health benefits as a result. One teaspoon of SugaVida contains 36% of the RDA of vitamin B12 (in fact, SugaVida is the only plant-based source of B12 which is great news for veggies and vegans), 210% of the RDA of vitamin B6 and a whopping 500% of vitamin B1.

Highly versatile, it can be added to tea, coffee, smoothies, protein shakes and water as a superfood supplement, as well as used as an ingredient in baking and cooking, using the equivalent of 30% less sugar. It's regularly endorsed by top nutritionists, dieticians and Michelin star chefs across the UK and Europe.

What's more, SugaVida is organic, ethically sourced and sustainable for the communities who farm it. Founded by husband and wife team Kristina Locke and Max von Berg, SugaVida - meaning 'sugar of life' - is all about making the sweet things in life healthy. Kristina says: 'With years of experience in the spheres of medicine and nutrition, Max and I want to bring this incredible ingredient to the UK mainstream to enable people to enjoy sweet food and drink, without the disastrous health effects. In a world where we hear daily about how damaging sugar is on our body and minds, we feel it's essential to provide a simple and practical solution to the problem, and that is SugaVida, which is tasty, versatile and accessible to everyone."

SugaVida: the UK's 'super-sugar' @lovesugavida

Halo Coco

A new dairy free, fruit infused coconut milk drink has just launched in the UK with two refreshing flavours.

After three years in the making, 25,000 units of Halo Coco have just been manufactured and brought to market. Halo Coco is aimed at the health conscious consumer seeking a delicious and refreshing 'grab-and-go' drink to fit with their busy lifestyle.

The two flavours which have just launched are: Coconut and Vanilla and Coconut and Pineapple. Each blend contains just 106 Kcal per bottle and are lactose, gluten and dairy free.

Halo Coco was launched by entrepreneur Rachel Wisson as a result of her various food intolerances and sweet tooth, which regularly led to frustration when attempting to find a satisfying beverage that wasn't full of processed sugar or dairy.

Rachel looked to fill this gap in the market with a mouth-watering and refreshing drink that could be enjoyed guilt free as part of a busy and healthy lifestyle.

Using a mixture of ambition and the power of plants Rachel began blending coconut milk with fruit extracts and after multiple blend changes the desired, refreshing and sweet consistency was achieved. Originally it was thicker but Rachel pushed to create a healthy, 'thirst-quenching drink' rather than a 'thick shake'. Rachel comments: "The idea that I could create a brand which would provide others who have similar intolerances or want to avoid the sugar was my main drive. Also, there are so many intolerances developing from foods which have additives and preservatives, mother nature has already provided us with so many choices, why change them?

I really wanted to keep the ingredients as clean as possible for Halo Coco so everyone can drink it, we are a grab-and-go drink, people don't have time to have to read ingredients on their lunch, our mission is to make healthy convenience choices easier".

Halo Coco are currently focussing on hitting the UK market, targeting stores, supermarkets and health shops. Expanding the range to include other flavours and multiple sizes to meet all family needs, from lunch boxes to family cartons is also in the pipeline.

"Coconuts are so adaptable and I have many ideas for future Coconut Creations...I may have to keep it under my shell for a while though", says Rachel.

When speaking of the changes she'd like to see within the food industry over the next five years Rachel comments, "I believe the Health Food Market will only increase with the awareness of health problems associated with sugar and polyunsaturated fats. People know what to avoid, it's now highlighted on packaging. I hope we will see more options of 'Healthy' foods and that the 'Free From' isles in supermarkets continue to expand."

Halo Coco is available to purchase via the website and selected stockists.

Web: Instagram @Halo_Coco / Twitter Halo.Coco / Facebook Halo_Coco

Alpro Cashew Original

Alpro Cashew Original has a creamy, smooth texture and nutty taste. It's perfect for pouring over your morning muesli, whizzing up into a super smoothie, or creating a warming plant-based porridge to get you moving on a chilly morning.

Low in sugars and saturated fat, Alpro Cashew Original drink is only 23 calories per 100ml and is fortified with vitamins B2, B12, D and E.

NEW Cashew Original drink is available now at Sainsbury's, Asda, Tesco and from Ocado at a RRP of £1.79. Find it in the fridges.

Evexia Thrive Pasta

Gluten Free Penne - I am the answer to your favourite pasta dishes - resembling the key qualities of penne pasta in shape and size, made from corn and rice flour with the added benefits of being gluten free, wheat and egg free. Choose me if you love to experiment with a variety of sauces, flavours and pasta bakes.

Gluten Free Chickpea Fusilli - With me you will enjoy deliciously nutty flavour as I have been created using only 100% finest ground chickpeas. What is even better is that I am a source of fibre, protein and have a low glycaemic load. Opt for a lighter sauce that will enwrap each twist and bring out the chickpea flavour.

Stockist: Sainsburys

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