If you’re a secret, savoury snacker and like to have something to munch on in the mornings or enjoy in the evenings that doesn’t contain any cruelty- vegans- we have you covered!  

Crisps go great with vegan beer!

Crisps go great with vegan beer!

Emily Crisps 

Perfect for picnics and parties and enjoying with families and friends, Emily Crisps has launched new sharing bags across its delicious range of vegetable crisps.  Available in two delectable flavours, these tasty treats combine all the goodness of vegetables with the proper crunch of a crisp.

A healthier way to snack, each serving counts as one of your five a day, is gluten-free, vegan friendly and free from preservatives and additives.  Plus, the innovative cooking technique significantly reduces the absorption of oil, ensuring that the vitamins, nutrients, colour and most importantly the glorious taste of the ingredients are preserved. 

Pick your pack from:

  • Crunchy French Bean, Sugar Snap Peas and Black Edamame - This light mix of fresh spring greens includes crispy french beans, sugar snap peas and nutty black edamame beans and is full of fibre and protein
  • Crunchy Carrot, Beetroot and Sweet Potato - This earthy and delicious combination features the finest root vegetables – naturally sweet carrot, rich beetroot and creamy sweet potato and is packed with nutrients and vitamins

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a sweeter snacking treat this summer, seek out the trio of tasty fruit crisps in the range:

  • Crunchy Apple - Flavoursome apples are carefully selected for their taste and texture to make sure they have the perfect crunch
  • Crunchy Pineapple - Emily’s only pick pineapples that exceptionally juicy with a brilliant, vibrant, tropical taste – sweet with a little tang
  • Crunchy Banana - Featuring bananas picked at the perfect moment of ripeness to give just the right amount of crunchiness with
a sweet and creamy flavour

Emily Veg Crisps are available is NEW 80g sharing bags, RRP. £2.89 from Ocado.com and Waitrose

Emily Veg Crisps and Emily Fruit Crisps 23g are available from Holland & Barrett, Ocado.com and Whole Foods. RRP. £1.19

Tyrrells Maple Veg 

Tyrrells, makers of premium hand-cooked crisps, is bringing a truly Canadian twist to its original Mixed Root Vegetable crisps. Delicious notes of maple compliment the famous crunchiness of Tyrrells crisps in the brand-new Maple Veg flavour. The new offering is a colourful union of earthy beetroots, sweet potatoes and parsnips, with a dash of maple and a pinch of salt. Maple Veg crisps is available in Waitrose nationwide from May.

The distinctive sweet taste of the Canadian Maple combines perfectly with the rich savoury notes of the mixed root veg crisps, offering a delightfully sweet twist to the much-loved Tyrrells Mixed Root Veg crisps.

The new Maple Veg crisps are made from carefully selected vegetables and hand-cooked in sunflower oil. They join a broad Tyrrells root vegetable crisp family - which currently includes: Beetroot, Parsnip & Carrot Crisps with Sea Salt, Parsnip Crisps with Black Pepper & Sea Salt, Beetroot Crisps with Sea Salt and Crinkly Mixed Root Veg with Rosemary & Garlic.

The new Maple Veg crisps are available in Waitrose with a RRP of £2.99 for sharing bags (150g) and £1 for impulse bags (40g).

Wellaby’s Simple Bakes


Simple Bakes are a new range of tasty, totally moreish, savoury snacks that everyone can feel free to enjoy.  

100% Vegan, the latest snacking innovation from Wellaby’s, Simple Bakes are made using the finest, authentic ingredients.  These delicious wholegrain snacks are also free from most common allergens including gluten, nuts and eggs and they contain no diary.  With only 6% fat and less than 100 calories per serving, Simple Bakes are also a healthier snacking option as they contain 70% less fat that regular potato crisps.  Simple Bakes are available in a range of tempting flavours including, Pinch of Salt & Pepper, Spicy Chilli and Smoky BBQ.

Full Of Super Crisps 

The Flaxseed Crisps, available in two delicious savoury flavours; Chilli Cayenne and Garlic and Herb are crammed full of nature's best, super ingredients. The crisps, which are perfect for snacking on or combining with your favourite dip include an assortment of herbs, quinoa, flax and chia seeds and buckwheat. These are all naturally high in fibre and omega 3, are gluten free, contain no soy or added sugar and are suitable for vegans.

Lisa's Organic Craft Crisps 

Alpine Rock Salt is a simple, crowd-pleasing classic, lightly seasoned with Alpine salt mined in Bad Reichenhall, Germany

Alpine Salt & Vinegar variant is brilliantly zingy, combining Bad Reichenhall rock salt with a good dash of cider vinegar

Mixed Alpine Herb variant is a brilliantly aromatic celebration of the Alps and is seasoned with a fragrant mix of freshly foraged Swiss herbs

Nairn's Snackers 

Made with delicious wholegrain oats that are naturally full of vitamins and minerals, they are high in fibre AND provide slow releasing energy to keep you feeling energised and satisfied throughout the day.  At around 100 calories per bag, they’re something of a snacking saviour, plus they taste so good, you’d never know they were gluten free!

Nairn’s Gluten Free Snackers are individually portion packed making them a great healthy snack for those with busy lives - perfect for eating on the go, popping into lunch boxes or as a post gym snack. Or simply enjoy as a healthy reward as you wind down after a long day in front of the TV.

You’ll be spoilt for choice with three delicious varieties to choose from to suit every taste - Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar and Smoked Paprika. Try them all and choose your favourite - and the whole family are sure to love them too.  

Nairn’s Gluten Free Snackers are:

- Baked not fried

- Free from artificial ingredients, colours and preservatives

- Deliciously gluten free using carefully sourced gluten free wholegrain oats

- High in fibre and nutrient rich

- Only 100 calories per pack

Nairn’s Gluten Free Snackers have an RRP of £1.85 (5 x 23g bags). Salt & Balsamic Vinegar are available now in the free from aisle in Morrisons stores.  Both will be in Sainsburys stores from mid-April in single 23g bags at 40p RRP. 

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