Today is World Egg Day and although eggs are a good source of protein- vegans don't eat them so they need to find other sources.



Good4U- the award winning sprouts and seeds expert has looked into other plant bases foods that level up to eggs.

Here are the top four plant based proteins and how much you need to get the equivalent amount of protein in an egg- without the saturated fat and cholesterol.

Quinoa- 100g of cooked quinoa contains 4g of protein which is the equivalent of half and egg. Use this instead of rice for your evening meal or instead of oats for breakfast or throw it in a salad for lunch.

Almonds- 25g of almonds has 5 grams of protein or ¾ of an egg. You can throw these over your cereal, pop them on a salad for some extra crunch, eat them as they are or buy some almond butter and spread it on a rice cake as a healthy snack.

Pumpkin seeds- 25g of pumpkin seeds have the equivalent of 1 and a bit eggs or 7.6g of protein. Again these are great for adding to salads, porridge oats, or as a go to snack if you're peckish.

Coconut Yoghurt- 150g of coconut protein yoghurt has a whopping 13g of protein, which is the same as almost 2 eggs. Chuck it on some fruit for your breakfast and pop some on top of a vegan chilli as something cool against the spice.

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