Healthy Mocha Hazelnut Mousse

Healthy Mocha Hazelnut Mousse

This might just be the healthiest chocolate mousse around! Super-Cacao powder adds a powerful nutrition boost and delicious taste which pairs beautifully with the coffee and hazelnut.


1/3 cup Aduna Super-Cacao Powder

200g organic silken tofu, drained

1/4 cup roasted hazelnut butter

1 tsp instant coffee powder

1/3 cup coconut sugar

1 tsp vanilla extract Pinch of salt


Blend together all ingredients in a high-powered blender or food processor until smooth.

Pour into ramekins or small glasses and chill in the fridge for at least 2 hours. Before serving, sprinkle with roasted hazelnuts and grated dark chocolate.

Recipe by Coconut and Berries at

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