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Vegan Spice Balls

Vegan Spice Balls

Makes 10 balls

15 dates

4-5 tablespoons almond butter or any other nut butter

2 teaspoons ginger powder

¼ teaspoon cinnamon

1-2 tablespoons almond milk

1 teaspoon coconut oil

1 small bar of Ombar chocolate (35g) or any other chocolate

2-3 tablespoons chopped almonds

Combine together the dates, almond butter, ginger powder, cinnamon, almond milk andcoconut oil in a high-speed blender and let this blend until smooth. The almond milk and coconut oil help to create a paste; if still not blending, add a little more almond milk.Once a thick paste has formed, you can start rolling into balls between your palms. Nowlet the chocolate melt in a bowl inside a pan of boiling water. Dip each truffle in thechocolate sauce and leave on a plate. You can either roll these chocolate-covered balls inthe chopped almonds immediately or after leaving them in the fridge for a few minutes.Once rolled in almonds, leave the balls in the fridge until ready to serve.

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