Proper Corn Crunch Corn

Salt & Pepper

Adding a bit of bite, this flavour is tossed with a mix of sea salt and cracked black pepper. The fresh pepper has less of a kick than chilli, leaving behind a warming level of spice.

Vegan snacks with some bite!

Vegan snacks with some bite!

Salt & Vinegar

A new type of crunch but a familiar flavour, this recipe combines a dash of sweet and fruity cider vinegar, with sprinkling of sea salt.

Sweet & Smoky Chilli

Combining a blend of chillies with a hint of smoked salt, this flavour builds to a subtle, sweet heat and surprises with a dash of lime.

All Crunch Corn flavours are available to buy in handy single serve bags for on-the-go grazing or in larger bags for sharing. They can be found in Tesco stores nationwide with RRP £0.89 & £1.99 now.


This Halloween, swap out the trick or treat sweets for the most monstrous treat of them all: devilishly delicious BEAR Claws. BEAR Claws are 100% whole Fruit & Veg, mashed into deliciously freaky shapes that you can make into monsters. With one whole third made up of veg, this range is a fun and tasty way to get your little monsters munching on more veg, and less sugar, this Halloween. And as BEAR like things as nature intended, there's no need to worry about the nasties, BEAR Claws have absolutely no added nonsense. No sugar, concentrates, stabilisers or preservatives… absolutely nothing!

Available in four terrifyingly tasty recipes, each pack of Claws will tickle your little monster's taste buds as they munch their way to five a day. The combinations include Apple, Pear and Pumpkin (not just for carving!); spooky Strawberry and Butternut; beastly Blackcurrant and Beetroot; and magical Mango and Carrot. Your little ones will be sure to give their grrrrrrowl of approval!

BEAR Claws are lower in natural sugar than a small fresh apple, and like all of BEAR's delicious natural nibbles, BEAR Claws use 100% whole fruit, just gently baked, for a scrumptious snack that's high in fibre and 1 of your 5 a day.

BEAR Claws are perfect for little cubs over 12 months, and as well as being gluten-free, they're also suitable for Vegans - so grrrrrrab some now and get gobbling them up before they gobble you!

I Sea Pasta

Amsterdam-based entrepreneur Willem Sodderland discovered the 'himanthalia' species when he mistook seaweed for green pasta in a salad. His thought was immediate, simple and disruptive: what if we start eating it as pasta? We're eating too many carbs and not enough veggies, so why not swap one for the other? The company Seamore, and the first product "I sea pasta" were born.

'I sea pasta' is sustainably harvested in Ireland, one of 6 countries in which it grows. This species grows on rocks and is handpicked following a sustainable harvesting protocol. It is only rinsed and dried, no other processing takes place. The seaweed naturally looks like green tagliatelle and can be used in the same way. It is organic, gluten-free, very low on carbs and calories, rich in vitamins, minerals, omega3 and iodine. On top, seaweed is seen as one of the planet's most sustainable foods: it requires only sunshine, no land, no fresh water, pesticides nor fertilizer.

Launched in UK May 2016, I sea pasta now been stocked online at Planet Organic and in store at Whole Foods stores nationwide. Michelin star chefs have started to cook with it. Consumers and chefs alike are surprised by the subtlety of the taste, the 'al dente' bite and the similarity to pasta or noodles, making it very easy to cook with.

This wonderful 100% wild product has already won numerous awards not only for it's great taste but sustainability.

Winner 2015 Ketchum European Food Lab, Next Organic Start Up Award winner 2016, NL Packaging Awards 2016, Food Bytes 2016 Judges Choice Award, ITQI Superior Taste Award 2016.

Visit for more information on their range.

Seamore 'I sea pasta' costs £5.99 for 100g Planet Organic or £5.49 for 100g from various Whole Food stores nationwide.

Kyoko Real Green Tea

Boost your day the Japanese way with chilled Kyoko Real Green Tea at YO! Sushi

Looking for a healthy and refreshing pick me up? Why not try Kyoko Real Green Tea - a new, authentic chilled Japanese green tea launching at YO! Sushi restaurants nationwide. Pure and natural with no added sugars or sweeteners, this chilled green tea has taken Japan by storm and it has now arrived in the UK. Unlike its hot counterpart, Kyoko Real Green Tea is naturally sweet with a full bodied flavour but no earthy after-taste. Perfect for those who like the benefits but not the taste of green tea.

Kyoko Real Green Tea is brewed in Japan and blends the highest quality leaves from the fertile foothills of Mount Fuji, Japan's highest peak in the Shizuoka region to deliver a crisp, fresh taste. A real thirst quencher to match any authentic Japanese meal.

Kyoko Real Green Tea is featured on the deliciously healthy new menu from YO! Sushi, which offers a breadth of fresh dishes crafted from the best ingredients. For an antioxidant rich meal, enjoy the tea with with Kaiso Seaweed, a dish of marinated mixed seaweed, edamame and carrots in a su-miso dressing; or Goma Salad, a crunchy fresh salad with a nutty goma-sesame dressing.

Kyoko Real Green Tea is available at YO! Sushi nationwide now, priced at £2.95

Find your nearest restaurant at

Superberries purple juice from The Berry Company

This makes the perfect vegan Halloween party cocktail mixer that's packed with antioxidants, free from artificial flavours, gluten, colourings, preservatives and added sugars, offering a healthier drink alternative without compromising on taste!

Made from a combination of Blueberry, Blackberry, Mulberry and Blackcurrant, the dark purple colour makes it the perfect party punch!

The Berry Company's Superberries purple juice retails at £2.10 from Ocado.

Kinnerton's new Just range

Kinnerton Confectionery launches three new tasty chocolate products to the Just Chocolate range, free from dairy, egg, gluten and nuts. Unlike most free from products, the new range contains no artificial colours, preservatives or flavours, it's just real, delicious chocolate.

With convenient snack bars for on-the-go and a luxurious box of chocolate mint discs perfect for any host, there is something to please all chocolate lovers.

Just Dark Chocolate with Orange Bar, £0.65, 25g

Add a zing of citrus to your day, with this smooth dark chocolate bar rippled with hints of Florida orange. The ideal treat for a mid-afternoon pick-meup.

Just Dark Mint Chocolate Box, £5, 120g

The Just Dark Mint Chocolate Box is made with the highest quality cocoa and no artificial flavours. 27 deliciously smooth dark chocolate mint discs engraved with the signature 'Just' stamp. Perfect as a gift for someone special or for sharing amongst friends and family as a post dinner treat.

Just Dark Chocolate Bar, £0.65/25g, £1.50/85g

A delicious snack for those on-the-go, perfect for when those chocolate cravings kick in. Just snap off a square and enjoy!

Also available as an 85g bar, perfect for sharing.

The new additions to the Just Range will be available in Sainsbury's, Morrisons, Waitrose and Asda from September 2016.

Suma's new mini meat free sausages and beans in a tin


It's the ultimate campfire food - tinned sausages and baked beans.

Now there's a delicious meat-free version thanks to independent wholesaler Suma, which has just unveiled Baked Beans in a rich sauce with Lincolnshire Style Meat-Free Sausages, using bangers from award-winning vegan food specialists VBites.

Available from independent health food stores, farm shops and delis, Suma's handy cans of mini meat-free sausages and beans are quick and easy to prepare and cost £1.49 for 400g.

Jealous Sweets

Jealous Sweets are 100% vegetarian, gluten free, full of natural fruit juices and free from artificial colours and flavours.

Buy from
Buy from

Goody Good Stuff Cola Breeze

Fright night can be a real treat for vegans and vegetarians thanks to Goody Good Stuff. Naturally delicious, their range of gummy and cola bears are all gelatine, diary and lactose free. Available at Holland & Barrett, £1.49

Ciroc Mango

Cîroc Mango has today been announced as the latest addition to the luxury vodka's ever innovating portfolio. Building on the massive success of the previous tropical flavour Cîroc Pineapple and the more recent summer addition of Pink Grapefruit, mango as the most liked of all tropical flavours is sure to hit the spot.

This latest hot innovation is perfect for sprucing up your cocktail cabinet, creating simple fresh cocktails and celebrating at home with friends during the autumn months. Also available in bars across the UK, the delicious and tangy vodka can be mixed with Champagne for a perfect Mango Mimosa, or adds a unique kick to the classic Ciroc vodka and tonic over ice.

Five-times distilled, Ciroc is made using the finest French grapes, and the new deliciously smooth flavour expertly blends the classic taste of Cîroc with creamy Carabao mango, delivering bright, tropical notes with tangy citrus. Infused with Mango and other natural flavours, this new modern variant has been created to meet the ever increasing demand for quality drinking experiences and fresh and exciting flavour profiles. Showing up at the hottest events and celebrating On Arrival moments, guests at London Fashion Week will be some of the first to sample the new flavour before its wider launch.

Nick Temperley, Head of Diageo Reserve GB, commented: "Ciroc's success is built on innovating to ensure it remains ahead of the game, creating new and exciting variants that consumers will love. The Ciroc audience are trend setters, constantly looking for new products, eye-catching launches and the next big thing. I am certain that the addition of Mango to the Ciroc range will be a big favourite."

Cîroc Vodka is crafted by Master Distiller, Jean-Sébastien Robiquet and Mango is the latest addition to the brand's portfolio of variants, which includes Cîroc Pink Grapefruit, Cîroc Apple, Cîroc Red Berry, and Cîroc Pineapple.

CÎROC ® Mango is available from selected retailers nationwide, at an RRP of £38 per 70cl bottle.

Black Widow Chilli Chocolate Bar

Naga Chilli dark chocolate bar. Handmade in England. Presented in a glossy wallet tied with ribbon.

Experience the darker side of pleasure with this sinfully dark chocolate blended with naga chillies, lemon and geranium. Have no mercy, devour it down...all in one go. Available at

Blood Orange Liqueur

Distinctive in colour, unique to taste, delicious to drink.

This ambrosial blood orange liqueur (25% alc) starts its life on the sun-soaked slopes of Sicily's Mount Etna. Precise blending of blood oranges and fine liqueur produce this distinctive and unique drink. Serve cold for a surprisingly different aperitif, mix with gin and marmalade for an incredible Breakfast Martini or perk up a hot chocolate on the piste with a splash of orange. Available at

So Sweet Couture Dairy Free Alternative to White Chocolate Skulls

Solid Dairy Free Alternative to White Raspberry Chocolate Skulls.

A Gift Box containing 8 solid white chocolate skulls infused with Raspberry oil & Gold Lustre eyes.

Dairy Free White Chocolate Ghost Lolly

Dairy Free Alternative to White Chocolate Ghost Lolly infused with natural Raspberry oil.

Dairy Free Milk Chocolate Bats

Dairy Free Alternative to Milk Chocolate Raspberry Bats.

Dairy Free Alternative to Milk Chocolate Skulls

Solid Dairy Free Alternative to Milk Chocolate Orange Skulls.

A Gift Box containing 8 solid Milk chocolate skulls infused with Orange Oil & Gold Lustre eyes.

Dairy Free Alternative to White Chocolate Skull Lolly

Dairy Free Alternative to White Chocolate Skull Lolly infused with natural orange oil.

Dairy Free Alternative to Milk Chocolate Skull Lolly

Dairy Free Alternative to Milk Chocolate Skull Lolly.

Coldpress Pumpkin Power

Delicious pumpkin puree mixed with apple juice, carrot puree, apple puree, pineapple juice and lemon juice. Complemented by a dash of ginger puree and cinnamon for a warming bite! No added sugar. 150ml serve counts as one of your five a day.

Because Coldpress juices are cold pressed not heated, they naturally cram in more taste, more vitamins and more nutrients than conventional pasteurised juices. So you'll need to drink less juice to get your recommended daily intake of all those lovely vital nutrients!

Stockists: 500ml £2.79 Waitrose, Sainsbury's, Tesco, Whole Foods, Ocado, Budgens

250ml £1.49 Waitrose, Ocado, Whole foods

Grangusto Pumpkin Cream

A reminder to all as Halloween fast approaches of Grangusto Pumpkin Cream, a savoury sauce made from sweet, nutritious pumpkin.

GranGusto Pumpkin Cream is part of the range of premium pasta sauces and creams produced by Finagricola one of Italy's premium producers of fruit and vegetables that are available in the UK.

For those who love carving, scooping out, cooking and pureeing then Pumpkin cream is not the solution but for those who like to avoid the mess and hassle there is always Pumpkin Cream! A smooth puree of pumpkin with a little onion, olive oil and salt to enhance the flavour. The slight sweet taste of pumpkin in this sauce and the smooth texture is a great way to introduce a healthy vegetable to children in a variety of savoury dishes, and perfect for grown ups too!

Pumpkin cream is a versatile sauce combining perfectly with pasta for a tasty meal in the time it takes to cook the pasta, or as an ingredient for a quick and easy risotto. It makes a great base to add to spices and soup pasta for a hearty soup meal, or simply whipped into mash potato.

It's gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and vegans as well as being tasty!

Available from Ocado, Amazon and

Hotel Chocolat BOO! Dark

Our house is haunted by 16 terrifyingly tasty, individually wrapped dark chocolate shapes.

Hotel Chocolat Dark Tiddly Vampires

Eight creepy mini vampires in 70% dark chocolate. They love a good nibble - just make sure you sink your fangs in first

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