Hannah Burns decided, along with many others, to start 2017 off with Veganuary, so we caught up with her to find out how she’s getting on!

Hannah Burns

Hannah Burns

What made you go vegan at the beginning of this year?

I think the 1st of January is a great time to try something new. You are mentally prepared for a drastic change on the 1st more than any time, at least in my case!

Was it something you had thought about for a while before the New Year hit?

Yes, I have been a vegetarian my whole life and was really interested in how I would feel physically and mentally as a vegan.

What were the first things you ate on day one of being vegan?

I usually don’t eat breakfast so for lunch I made a rocket and quinoa salad with spring onions, sweet potato and a balsamic dressing. For dinner I had white rice with chilli. I snacked on original Hula Hoops and Oreo cookies. I am so happy Oreos are vegan!

What have you found the easiest and hardest things about making the switch?

The easiest part so far, has been the knowledge that I am helping the environment and also the health benefits such as youthful skin! The hardest part is dining out but more and more cafes/restaurants are offering vegan options on their menus  now.

What is your new favourite vegan food?

I love chocolate and have found that Hotel Chocolat has a huge selection! They have vegan gin infused with cocoa which is amazing.

Your friend is vegan- did this have any bearing on your decision and how has she supported you throughout your first week?

Yes, I felt as though I had a great support in my friend. Having to shift through Google links for a simple question was something that is not fun to do! It also makes the experience more fun as we can discuss our meals and different restaurants we’ve found.

Have you noticed any changes in your physical health already?

In the first week I felt more tired than usual but I am beginning to feel a lot more awake and much less bloated now.

Where have you found the most support for Veganuary?

My partner has been really great, he has been cooking with me and not complaining too much (yet)! Of course my friends that are vegan have been offering lots of advice, recipes and support too.

What is your advice for fellow Veganuary-ers?

Stick to it! There are so many benefits and I cannot wait to be 6 months down the line where it is all second nature and I feel and look fabulous!

So you think it will be something you’ll continue with after Veganuary is over?

I hope so. I am quite low on energy at the moment but I have been told than after you get past that you feel great! There are loads of recipes I want to try too so fingers crossed!

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