Many cheeses are made with rennet which is an enzyme that comes from a calf's stomach lining. Some cheeses are labelled as 'vegetarian cheese' and according to The Vegetarian Society, these cheeses are 'manufactured using rennet from either fungal or bacterial sources of genetically modified organisms.'

The mould!

The mould!


Cheese can contain huge amounts of bacteria- some are harmless to the body, however the same bacteria that makes Limburger cheese smell so bad is also what makes your feet smell too.

Spray mould

Cheesemakers spray the outside of their slimiest cheeses like Brie with a mould to give it the white coating on the outside we all have come to recognise.


Cheese and all dairy products contain pus from when the cows get bacterial infections from being milked so often.

Fat and cholesterol

Cheese is high in saturated fat and cholesterol. Most varieties of cheese are about 70-80 fat while cream cheese is about 90% fat. Vegan cheeses on the other hand have no cholesterol and far less fat but still taste great.

Cheese is addictive

Cows naturally produce morphine, codeine and other opiates in their livers which can make its way into the milk, and this can give consumers the desire for more- just like a drug.

Cheese is a prodcut of rape

To keep cows lactating- they must be pregnant and nursing so to keep their milk flowing they have to be artificially inseminated on devices called 'rape racks'.

Mother cows aren't allowed to be mothers

Mother cows have their babies taken away from them just days after they are born so that humans can drink the milk that was really intended for their calf.

Baby cows die

Male cows are taken from their mothers shortly after birth and sold for veal because they can't provide milk. They live out their short lives chained by the neck in small crates before they are sent to slaughter.


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