What do you see when you open a box of eggs?

What do you see when you open a box of eggs?

When you buy an egg carton and open it up what is it that you see? If all you see is an omelette, eggs benedict or egg and mayonnaise sandwiches- this video might change your mind.

Chickens don't need to be killed in order to eat their eggs right? But wait a minute- only female chickens can produce eggs, so what happens to the males? Well they don't create profit in the egg industry so they are stuffed into plastic bags and left to die through suffocation, gassed to death or ground up alive.

And what about the conditions in which the female chickens live? They are kept in cages with wire mesh floors so that the urine and faeces drops from one level to another covering the chickens below. A single cage is approximately 16 inches by 18 inches and houses 5-6 hens each.

They each have a wingspan of 32 inches so they are barely move never mind spread their wings.

Chickens are bread to produce as many eggs as possible, so they become worn out. At this stage they are sent to slaughter.

For more information, please go to www.peta.org.


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