Liam Hemsworth Discusses Relationship With Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has always kept quite quiet about her relationship with Liam Hemsworth, and to be honest, that’s not changed, it’s him who has opened his mouth. He has revealed how happy they are together. Ah, the big softy. Liam, younger brother of the equally hot Chris Hemsworth, met Miley in 2009 on the set of The Last Song. They may be from different parts of the world – he’s an Aussie and she’s an American, but that hasn’t stopped them falling head over heels. Liam said: "What happened happened, and we've been together two and a half years. She makes me really happy. When you start, you want to be professional, but when you're filming those scenes with someone and pretending to love them, you're not human if you don't feel something." Yes, in the film The Last Song, they played teenage lovers and so this probably helped them along the way to doing the same thing in real life. Although, what Liam seems to be saying is, he cannot act the part of a person who is falling in love, unless he actually is. Hmmm. Don’t think Miley will be letting him play any more characters in films with a girlfriend then. Liam also talked about that video from late last year. The one where Miley is joking about smoking way too much weed at her birthday party. Liam said: "She's in a room full of her best friends. And you have one person who comes in there and videos it. The poor girl can't have one night where she can feel safe in her own world. It's ridiculous." Oh, so he didn’t say that what she was saying was ridiculous, just the fact that it got filmed. Well we do wish Liam and Miley lots of happiness.

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