What do you dream for your wedding day?

What do you dream for your wedding day?

Interflora found that 60% of single women have planned a part of their wedding day, so we predict why these decisions have already been made before Mr Right has come onto the scene! 

Selected the type of wedding dress- We all have dresses in our wardrobes so it makes sense that we know just what suits our body shape in the dress department. It’s no surprise, therefore, that while we are online shopping for the perfect little black dress that we also look for it in white too!


Thought about their honeymoon destination- It’s the holiday you have always dreamed of so you know that you will be pushing the boat out. Men hate indecision so it makes sense when he asks where you want to go that you can give him a straight answer!


Selected bridesmaids- It’s the ultimate test of your friendship- if you imagine them stood next to you on your wedding day then they are friends for life!


Chosen the flowers- We all have a favourite flower- so it makes sense that you have pictured how they will blend in with your dress.


Decided on your hairstyle- Again after years of doing your own hair, you have an understanding of what makes your face look round or your chin look big- it’s no different when you are deciding how to have your hair on your wedding day.


Chosen the wedding venue- Somewhere that was an important place to you when you were young like the church it’s non-negotiable.


Thought about the menu choices- You know that you want something between caviar and McDonald’s!


Thought about the favours- Well if the dress and the flowers are sorted, then the favours are a natural afterthought to tie them all in together!


Decided on the cake- You have decided between traditional, cupcakes and toppers- well it has to be in keeping with the theme right?!


Chosen the church- Usually one that means a lot to your family- where your mum and grandma got married, so this has to be the one!


Thought about the vows- You know you want to avoid the old clichés that your hear in the movies- so naturally you have to come up with your own to find out if you are capable of being unique.


Decided on the hymns- Those that meant something to you when you were young and you sang heartily to in Church.


Decided on an exact date-   A date that avoids the rainy, snowy and dull seasons so you can have fine weather I your photographs.




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