Whitaker married actress and former model Keisha Nash back in 1996, after he met her on the set of the film Blown Away in 1994, where they played each other's love interest in the film. The pair began dating soon after filming was over and were married two years later.

Forest and Keisha Whitaker (Credit: Famous)

Forest and Keisha Whitaker (Credit: Famous)

They have four children, two daughters Sonnet and True together, and his son, Ocean and her daughter, Autumn from previous relationships.

In an Interview with She Knows upon the release of her new lipgloss line Kissable Couture, Keisha revealed one of the secrets of their success in her marriage to Forest; "Anything that I'm doing that Forest's able to be there and come and support me, he absolutely does. What makes a good partnership or marriage is when you support one another. I certainly love and respect what Forest does. It's hard. He works really hard to take care of our family. I think it's important to show my appreciation by being there for him and supporting him. More than that, I get to hang out with my friend. That's pretty cool and vice versa.'

When asked about the importance of communication in her relationship, she offered; 'You know what, it really is -- it's telling the person when they do something great, (also) being able to have the courage to say, "You know what, I didn't really like that. That wasn't cool. Let's discuss it. What did I do to bring that out in you?" I think communication is absolutely important. There's no way I could have lasted in 14 years of marriage without communication -- also, growing. When you're in a relationship you need to grow. When you meet someone at a certain age, as you grow you learn different things. It's whether that person is willing to grow in the same direction as you and grow with you. ' (She Knows)

Happy Wedding Anniversary Forest and Keisha!

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