Not Doing Your Research

Once you have booked your consultation for your florist - prepare!

Try not to over style

Try not to over style

What's more fun than looking at gorgeous flowers? Especially wedding flowers! There are so many great tools that can help you communicate to your florist what you like Peruse through magazines, Pinterest and Instagram are great tools - create a Pinterest board and you will start to see a pattern emerging of what you like. This will be a great tool to start the design with your florist.

Not budgeting

It's is not surprising that many brides are unsure what wedding flowers cost and where to start with budgeting. Just as you would budget other areas of the wedding it's smart to have a general plan of what you can afford for flowers. A basic guideline to budgeting for wedding flowers is 10 percent of your overall budget. This can of course fluctuate up or down depending on seasonality of flowers and the design.

Not listening

You have have found a florist that you like and have set your budget! Wedding flowers are a collaboration between you and your florist, and your florist is there to guide and help you through the process. Please listen! Let the expert do their job and advise you. They have been there and seen it all before and will know exactly what you should and shouldn't do.

Not compromising

I know it easy to have your heart set on a specific flower or your dream design. Compromise is important, not only due to budget but also seasonality and availability. Your florist will be able to advise the best design within your budget to give you the desired look closest to what you are hoping to achieve. Your florist will also be able to make suggestions on substitute flowers if your favorite flowers are out if season .


Attempting to do your own florals for your wedding can be a big mistake, even the simplest design. Your wedding is the most important day of your life, and you should enjoy it. You don't need the added stress on the day that it can potentially cause you.

Try not to over style

As much as Pinterest and the Internet can be a great source of inspiration, you need to be carefully to not over style your flowers and try to mix too many colours or influences. Remember what Coco Chanel once said - when you are dressed and ready to go out, take a look in the mirror and take one thing off. Apply this ethos to your wedding design.

Using one colour

It's very common for Brides to think that they must match the flowers to the bridesmaid dresses. For example a blush pink gown does not need a blush pink bouquet. Same colour flowers, same colour dress really makes for disappointing photos. Flowers are a great opportunity to introduce accent colours - contrast with complimenting colours to express personality and make an impact. Also the colours in your bridal party does not need to dictate the colours of the overall design.

Oversized bouquets

Oversized bouquets might be fashionable and look good in magazine shoots - but please be careful. These oversized bouquets can often swamp your figure that you have worked so hard to achieve and fight against the line and design of your dress. They can also be overbearing in your professional pictures. Furthermore do you want to be carrying such a heavy bouquet around all day. Think about size and comfort when looking a design for your bouquet.

Holding your bouquet too high

How you position your bouquet is as important as what's in it. If you hold your flowers too high or in front of your chest, they will cover the beautiful detail of your dress and look awkward in photos. Hold your bouquet down by your hips, relax your hands and with the handle securely in both hands, extend your arms downward so the bouquet is just below your waist.

Scented Flowers

It's often a temptation to want heavily scented flowers to give a lovely aroma to the room. Be careful! heavily scented flowers such as oriental lilies can overpower a room and be uncomfortable for guests with hay fever and allergies.

Written by Leanne Roberts-Hewitt

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