Lovers Premium Passion & Romance Red Rose Petals

Lovers Premium Passion & Romance Red Rose Petals

No wedding night is complete without rose petals spread over the bed. It marks your first night having sex, if you still have the energy or sleeping together (if your family are in the surrounding rooms!) as husband and wife, so the bed should really be the focal point of the room.


So we have pulled together some rose petals from Lovehoney that will do the trick for setting the mood and cranking up the romance!


Lover's Choice A Bed of Roses by Candle Light


As if rose petals are not romantic enough on their own, couple them with candles and you have a sure fire way to get your partner in the mood for some newlywed sex, even if you are both exhausted after the long day!


Bijoux Petits Bonbons Rose Petal Explosion


These petals are realistically scented so you can have the effect without the hefty price tag! There is also the added benefit that when you fall onto the bed you won’t be stabbed by the thorns as things get saucy!


Lovers Premium Passion & Romance Rose Petals


If the traditional red is not your colour, why not opt for a pink and white variety of rose. This colour denotes more of a sensual and relaxed evening of love making rather than hot and fiery passion, so whatever mood takes you match your colours to it!


Lovers Premium Passion & Romance Red Rose Petals


You could use them as a guide up to your room, or place them on the surface of the bath, or more traditionally over the bed. Use them as an invitation to a night of passion!


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