To build you up to the big day, take a steamy read on your honeymoon or if you feel like you need some erotic fiction on your wedding night we have rounded up four books that will get your juices flowing!

The Bride Stripped Bare

The Bride Stripped Bare


The Bride Stripped Bare by Nikki Gemmell


Set in Morocco, a woman finds a secret that alters her perceptions of promiscuity. The book is presented in diary form and follows a new bride who discovers her husband has betrayed her.  


Black Lace - Wedding Games by Karen S. Smith


Emma endures weddings rather than enjoying them, but an encounter with one of he other guests makes the time pass quicker. It begins with one wedding, one encounter and then spans over four and the pair form an intense erotic relationship together.



Seven Years to Sin by Sylvia Day


On the eve of her wedding, Lady Jessica Sheffield plays witness to a scene involving an innocent woman. Her eroticism is suddenly inspired and she represses her feelings until something comes along that wavers her control.



Xcite Books - Kinky Girls: 20 Erotic Stories


This has twenty new stories all about sexually adventurous women. Each central character is naughty and wild in their own way, so why not read a short story for your partner and perhaps act out a scene from their story!

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