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The Orphanage

Top Horror Movies Of The Decade

Horror movies are always a big screen treat as the very best in this genre have...
The Woman in Black by Susan HIll

Write a book review and link it to your blog!

With books piling high on my desk I decided it was time that I needed help! I...
Woman in Black

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The Woman In Black

Best British Films Of 2012

British film really has been on a major high this year with some corking movies...
The Woman In Black

Enough and Dear Diary by Lucy Walton

Dear Diary April 26th 1950, I found you as I was sorting...
The Blair Witch Project

The Scariest Ghosts In Film

To celebrate the release of The Woman in Black, an adaption of Susan Hills...
Win your Halloween Viewing With Momentum Pictures!

Win your Halloween Viewing With Momentum Pictures!

Celebrate this Halloween with an amazing supply of horror goodies including...
The Hunger Games

Do we read books AFTER we have seen the film?

In this digital age are we now only reading books after we have seen the film to...
The Woman in Black dvd

Author Biography- Susan Hill

Susan Hill is probably most notable for being the inspiration behind the latest...
 Woman In Black

Hammer Confirm Woman In Black Sequel

Simon Oakes, Vice-Chairman of Exclusive Media and President & CEO of Hammer and...
Daniel Radcliffe

Sequel Planned for the Woman in Black

Movie executives planning ghostly sequel to Daniel Radcliffe's the Woman In...
The Woman In Black

The Woman in Black haunts our bedrooms as well as our screens

Following the release of the film on 10th February, the Woman in Black is...
The Woman In Black

The Woman In Black Storms UK Box Office

The Woman in Black shattered UK box office expectations during its three day...
Daniel Radcliffe

Radcliffe's Delight At Frail Teens Freak Out

Daniel Radcliffe has been keeping himself amused while promoting new ghost story...
Daniel Radcliffe

Radcliffe Delighted With Connery Praise

Daniel Radcliffe is confident he can carve himself a successful career away from...

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    Next summer will see Daniel Radcliffe leave behind the character of Harry Potter, the role which made him a star, as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is...

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