Royalist's special room to watch baby action

Royalist's special room to watch baby action

Renowned UK royalist Margaret Tyler has created the ideal spot to catch a glimpse of all the royal baby action.

Margaret has joined forces with social accommodation website to create the Royalist Rooms - a majestically decorated property less than 200 yards away from St. Mary's Hospital, where Prince William and Duchess Catherine's tot will be born.

The abode, which is available to rent, has been kitted out with a state-of-the-art long-distance telescope and professional binoculars to check out the proceedings as well as a TV screen ensuring royal fans won't miss a thing when Catherine is bringing home the baby.

While the duchess is not due to give birth until July 13, a frenzy of photographers have already descended outside the medical facility.

Details of the Wimdu property listing can be found here: