Thats bizarre: A wealthy Croatian lawyer has labelled himself the "ugliest man in the world" after having 5,000 marriage proposals turned down.Emil Kacic, who has logged all his failures in a little black book, has been trying to find a bride all his adult life but has incredibly unsuccessful every time.After placing adverts in local papers stressing his wealth with words like "tender and rich lawyer looks for a pretty lady to marry" and then "disgustingly rich lawyer looks for a pretty lady to marry," Emil has still been unable to find a wife.Kacic, from Zagreb, says he has now accepted that he must be the ugliest man in the world because no one wants him.He said: "I've tried placing all kinds of different ads, but not a single woman I've met through my adverts has accepted my offer. What else is there to believe, other than that I must be the ugliest man in the world."However, despite the phenomenal amount of snubs, Emil insists he plans t continue searching for the "perfect woman" for him.He said: "No success yet, but I will keep trying. I hope all the publicity over my failed search for love might bring me love at last."