Fancy a degree in Beckham?

Fancy a degree in Beckham?

By a certain age, it’s a given that you’ll start being inundated with people telling you what you should and shouldn’t be. Be a doctor. Be a lawyer. Be a teacher. Be a dentist. Blah blah blah.

But for all of those out there who don’t see themselves filling in rotten teeth or putting criminals away while wearing a funny wig or for those who simply enjoy defying their parents, do not fear. Here is a list of bizarre university courses to help you break the mould.

Be a ghostbuster!

Ever fancied your chances at talking to the dead and blasting away paranormal scum? Well at Coventry University (no, really it does exist) you can take a degree entitled ‘Psychology of Exceptional Human Experiences’ where you’ll investigate brushes with ghostly apparitions and learn all about the fine line between the living and the dead. Proton guns optional.

Be a shelf-stacker!

Ever walked into your local supermarket and just yearned to know more about exactly why the Coco Pops are placed next to the Corn Flakes? Luckily Tesco have just launched the much-anticipated Tesco Retail Foundation Degree which teaches display design and how to put out products efficiently. Its apparently defined as an ‘Arts’ degree. ‘Arts’.

Be a bed-seller!

Ever felt so comfortable in your own bed that you never wanted to leave it? Even for work? Look no further. In association with bed manufacturer Dreams, Bucks New University have a one-year course leading to a foundation degree on just why you should purchase that bed-frame or that mattress. Forget a heart transplant, a good night’s sleep can save a life.

Be a surfer!

Ever wanted to know the real science behind surfing? Enrol at Plymouth University and you can study surf science. Your well-spent three-year degree will even provide you with ‘opportunities for practical surfing’. That’s right, you’ll get to surf every now and then and only pay over £3000 a year for the luxury!

Be an expert in stained glass windows!

Ever gazed up at stained glass windows and felt like you finally knew what you were meant to do? At the University of York you now have the chance to spend two years researching the beauty and magic of staining glass windows. Windows without stained glass are like so yesterday.

Be a walker!

Ever looked at people in buses and cars and just felt really really mad? You’re not alone. Over in Danville, Kentucky you can study the ‘Art of Walking’. By appreciating the power of using your feet you will become closer to nature and slowly transform your life. Only at the very end of the course will you finally get your walker’s license.

Be a funeral director!

Ever get bored of living people? Well if you fancy spending more time with dead people the University of Bath has the course for you. The Foundation Degree in Funeral Services is ‘dying’ for you to enrol. Surprisingly, there is still quite a lot of space.

Be a puppeteer!

Ever found humans just simply not willing to listen to you? For those who find solace in puppets, there is hope. The Central School of Speech and Drama in London offers an undergraduate course in puppetry, learning about rods and even shadow puppets. Friends are much better when you can control their every move.

Be David Beckham’s biggest fan!

Ever found the magazines, advertisements, football games, haircut changes, TV appearances and underwear modelling just not enough? For those of you that simply need more Becks in your life, Staffordshire University are giving students a new insight into the man himself. Modules in ‘The Life and Works of Victoria Beckham’ are so far unfilled.

Be an agricultural marketer!

Ever driven past a field, seen a cow and thought hey that cow would look great with a sandwich board strapped on it’s back? You’re not alone. At Newcastle and Harper Adams you can finally learn how to fully utilise the marketing options that a cow or a lamb really gives you. It’s the one thing farms are desperately missing: flyers.