An actress has claimed that she can tame wild animals just by speaking to them.

A fox

A fox

Sabina Mach spends lots of time in the company of creatures such as foxes and bears and has suggested that humans are capable of domesticating them with their "energy".

She told LADbible: "I feel like they can sense my energy.

"Animals are just like people, that's my opinion; their brain, their psychology, their personality, everything is based on how you treat them."

Mach - who has appeared with the likes of Steven Seagal and Post Malone on-screen - added that humans should be blamed if a creature behaves aggressively.

She explained: "If an animal is aggressive, I believe it's always a human's fault, because they've done something to aggravate it - not necessarily the person that interacted with it, but in the past, because you don't know.

"Especially if you encounter a wild animal, you don't know if it's been hunted before, if it has been shot at... you have no idea."