An Aldi store is being investigated for stocking one of the store's fridges with garlic bread.

Vegetarian fridge (c) Twitter

Vegetarian fridge (c) Twitter

A vegetarian named Joe Farrar, from Wakefield, shared a picture of the vegetarian section in the cool area in the store on social media, which only contained the breaded treat, as he was very ''happy'' with the products on offer.

He wrote on Twitter: ''the ''vegetarian'' section at my local aldi is literally just garlic bread and as a vegetarian i'm very happy and here for it (sic)''

However, the company found it ''unusual'' one of their branches had stocked their shelves solely with the item, and replied to Joe stating they were investigating the West Yorkshire site.

Aldi wrote: ''This is a little unusual... We're looking into this with the store so thank you for making us aware! (sic)''