A duck had to have its penis removed after it was ''over-amorous''.

Bizarre on Female First

Bizarre on Female First

The animal - named Dave - was mating with female companions up to 10 times a day, according to owner Josh Watson, but the randy bird injured himself and got a nasty infection.

Vets decided the only thing that could make Dave - who was still trying to have sex even with the injury - more comfortable was to remove his penis.

Josh believes the duck is upset about losing his manhood.

He said: ''I think he feels pretty upset about it. I think he's a nymphomaniac. He's got a high sex drive basically. So I think that's what caused it.''

Josh added: ''He tries to mate with his female companions a lot. Every chance he can get. Between five and ten times a day, maybe more.''

Josh also revealed that Dave attempts to mate throughout the year, even though ducks are meant to calm down during the winter.

He said: ''He doesn't stop throughout the year. Over winter he's meant to calm down. The ducks stop laying eggs but he doesn't stop mating. He just carries on.''