A Christian preacher has insisted the apocalypse could begin in California.



Lois Vogel Sharp has claimed to have been sent a message from God during her sleep, and wrote it down once she woke up so she could share it with the world ''because this is something that needs to be out there''.

Apparently the message said: ''I have rebuke for you, California, and the arrogance of going against the laws of your land.

''You think you can silence my words of truth to the world by taking it upon yourselves to proclaim your own rules and regulations.''

According to the video online, Lois was told the apparent end of the world is coming as a result of abortion laws.

Reading the words, she continued: ''Woe unto you, California, because I have waited patiently for you to step into my truth.

''And you have arrogantly not only created your own laws but have move in the direction of killing the unborn and allowing such abominations in my sight.

''It will no longer be tolerated... Brace yourselves for I am about to move against you. The world is going to reap what she has sewed for the time is at hand for my indignation to pour down.''