Pizza Hut Restaurants have teamed up with Instagram star KS Ate Here to help customers take the perfect pizza picture for social media.

KS Ate Here gives top tips for perfect pizza picture

KS Ate Here gives top tips for perfect pizza picture

The Italian treat is the most-Instagrammed food across the globe with more than 26 million tagged images in 2017 so far.

The popular food blogger - who produces stunning visuals of his food on his profiles - has compiled a list of the top eight tips to make sure the Instagram post is the best it can be.

They include ensuring the pizza is centre of attention, in good lighting and making sure it is shot from a decent angle.

The tips are as follows:

1. Who's the daddy? - choose an item to be the focus point of the piece (your pizza - what else!). Everything else is just aesthetics.

2. Snap it while it's hot - take a picture of your food while it's still piping hot and fresh to make it as drool-worthy as possible. PRO TIP: melted cheese is always a winner.

3. Experiment with angles - stand up and lift your phone over the meal to create the best flat lay angle for your picture. Or, taking a photo at a 45 degree angle gives the meal a first person perspective.

4. Composition is everything - use the flat lay blueprint as a guide to create a harmonious layout for your shot.

5. Light it up! - avoid shooting in a dark space and aim to use natural daylight. If it isn't possible, get a white screen on your phone and use that light to really make your picture stand out. Whatever you do, DON'T BE IN YOUR OWN SHADOW!

6. Simplicity is key - don't over complicate things. Keep it simple and let the food do the talking

7. Practice makes perfect - rarely do you get the perfect snap the first time. If at first you don't succeed ... try moving the objects around or move positions and then see how things look. A new perspective can change everything.