A three-month-old baby with striking blond hair has become a star due to his resemblance to Boris Johnson.

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson

Nurses spotted David Doronina's blond mop as soon as he was born in March and his mother Tatiana says passers-by flock around his pram in public because of his similarities with the Prime Minister.

Doronina, who is dark-haired like her husband Ruslan, told The Sun newspaper: "People make the comparison the minute they see him.

"He’s like a mini Boris."

She added: "It was only after he was washed I realised just how much hair he had.

"I was so shocked, but every nurse who met him said the same, they couldn’t believe he was so hairy."

Ruslan suggested that the couple should name their son after the PM but Tatiana refused.

She said: "We didn’t need to call him Boris for people to say he looks just like him, the resemblance is so obvious, it’s scary."