A wild badger broke into a home and started imitating a cat.

Badger (c) Twitter

Badger (c) Twitter

The omnivore crept into a house through a cat flap where the animal continued to make himself feel at home as it ate the family pet's food and even took a nap in the cat's bed.

When the homeowner returned home and discovered the wild creature, she immediately called the Scottish SPCA.

Speaking to the Scottish SPCA website about the incident, Animal Rescue Officer, Connie O'Neil, said: ''I got a surprise when I arrived at the property and saw a badger having a nap.

''He had gotten in through the cat flap and had eaten all the cat food before going for a sleep on the cat bed.

''He didn't seem too happy when I tried to move him but I was able to slide the cat bed round and it was then that the badger noticed the back door was open so [he] made a run for it.''

Although the badger seemed to be quite calm, SPCA chief superintendent Mike Flynn has warned the public the black and white creatures do have an aggressive nature.

He said: ''Like all wild animals badgers can be aggressive when injured or cornered so we would advise not to go near or touch them without giving us a call first.

''Fortunately, he said badgers breaking into homes is 'highly unusual.'''