A bar is offering female customers free drinks depending on how much they weigh.

Bizarre on Female First

Bizarre on Female First

The Fusion Club at Cassells Al Barsha Hotel in Dubai has announced a special promotion running through to the end of the year which offers $0.12 in free drink credit for every pound a female punter weighs.

It means a woman weighing 150lbs - almost 11 stone - would receive around $18.50 worth of free beverages.

The establishment's food and beverage manager Anil Kumar told Insider: Although we have a weighing machine at the bar entrance, we do not insist our guests to verify the weight.

''We believe in the magnanimity of our lady guests.

''They can just write the weight on a paper and give it to the bartender discreetly, and enjoy drinks equal to the value they wrote on the paper. Very simple, no strings attached.''