A barber is set to retire after decades spent cutting hair - even though he hasn't trimmed his locks for 43 years.



David Smith, 70, will hang up his scissors this weekend at Skans barber's in Worcester despite not having a cut himself since 1978.

He told the Daily Star newspaper: "I have always been very proud of my hair. People call it a mullet and it's been in and out of fashion but its always suited me.

"I've not cut my own hair since 1978. It's ironic that I'm a hairdresser but haven't bothered with my own.

"My hair breaks off when it gets to a certain length so I don't need to bother. I still have 15-18 inches of hair.

The grandfather began cutting hair in 1971 and had "really long hair, down to my waist" when he was in his twenties.

Smith's memorable customers include The Beatles and the actor Robert Powell.