Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Museum breaks record by playing classical music with model train

Fredrik Braun, founder of the museum in Hamburg, explained how he and his team spent their time setting up a model train and filling 2,840 wine glasses to prepare for the record attempt during the attraction's enforced closure due to coronavirus.

Mallets attached to the train struck the glasses it passed and created musical notes. The train then played 2,840 classical music sounds, replicating pieces from Strauss and Beethoven.

The unique project resulted in the world record for the longest melody played by a model train.

Braun admits that he wouldn't have ever considered trying to break the record had it not been for the pandemic.

He told Guinness: "Had there not been a lockdown, we would have thought about the project for a minute and then buried it as impossible."

Monkeys escape from zoo in Germany

Officers in the city of Freiburg revealed that up to 25 of the primates fled from the zoo as construction work took place.

Zookeepers were unsuccessful in their initial attempts to capture the monkeys and police investigation into the escape is ongoing.

The Barbary macaque monkeys are not believed to pose a danger to humans and zookeepers suggested that they are more likely to flee than attempt to fight. Members of the public that spot the animals have been urged to keep a safe distance and contact the police.

A similar incident occurred at an Irish Zoo last year after a monkey made a bid for freedom.

Visitors explained how the zoo was put in temporary lockdown as the monkey, named Valentino, was being pursued by zookeepers in golf carts.

Woman finds set of false teeth in new coat

Melissa Hopkins treated herself to a puffer jacket from an Asda store in Dumbarton, Scotland but found a set of gnashers in one of the pockets.

It is thought that someone had tried the coat on prior to her purchasing it and placed their false teeth in one of the pockets and Hopkins has launched an appeal on Facebook in a bid to find the owner of the dentures.

She said: "Just an appeal to a Dumbarton resident who's lost their bottom teeth.

"I found them in the right pocket of the jacket you returned and I bought from Asda.

"They're back at Asda now if you're wondering, along with the jacket."

New app allows users to have psychedelic trips

The team behind Lumenate claim that they are able to make people experience trips by using the flickering lights of their device.

The creators of the app claim that it can "guide your brain into a unique and powerful altered state of consciousness between that of deep meditation and classic psychedelics".

Lumenate is the brainchild of software engineers Tom Galea and Jay Conlon who are aiming to "make subconscious exploration more accessible than ever before".

Explaining the concept, Galea told Vice magazine: "At a basic level, as the light flashes the brain also flashes in sync, sending a signal that something's changing.

"Gradually that synchronization with the light spreads through the brain and allows you to send it into the desired state."

The pair hope that the app can be used to help people get better sleep by clearing their mind from stress.

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The individual, named only as Tony, uploaded a clip to TikTok of him digging up the box in his back garden but was left heaving when he found out it was a septic tank. In the clip, Tony says: "I was doing some gardening in my back yard today and I uncovered some sort of crazy, secret concrete box in the ground. "I found a handle after digging for a while, then after digging for a bit more I uncovered a second handle...

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