A British man has set a world record for the fastest time to drink a Capri Sun pouch.



Declan Evans captured the title of the fastest time to down the juice after he began looking for records to break during the UK's coronavirus lockdown.

Evans found that Guinness had set the benchmark for the record at 18 seconds, but it had yet to be officially attempted. The 20-year-old from Lincoln began to perfect his technique and was able to set a time of 16.65 seconds.

Evans told The Lincolnite: "It is a stupid record to hold, but that is the fun of the Guinness World Records.

"I think it will definitely get beaten. I wouldn't say it was that fast.

"It is a silly record anyone can try, but I am proud to have it and it is still a world record. Once I achieved it, it was quite rewarding and I want to try more records in the future."