People in British Columbia have been showered in poop.

British Columbia's mysterious poop rain

British Columbia's mysterious poop rain

Susan Allan, from Kelowna, was driving with her son when a large smattering of a stinky substance, which felt like ''a whole pile of mud falling from the sky'', smashed into the vehicle.

Allan told Vice: ''I'm telling you: When this hit our vehicle, there was so much that it felt like a whole pile of mud falling from the sky.

''You could see it hitting the vehicle. And when it was hitting our faces, the first thing my son said to me was that it felt freezing cold and that it smelled like - pardon the pun - sh*t.''

The pair had what appeared to be faeces in their faces and the mother later found out she had caught conjunctivitis from whatever it was.

She added: ''My son threw up, and we had so much in our faces, our faces were covered in poop.''

Transport Canada - the government department that oversees transportation regulations in the city - has received 18 reports of a similar incident, but are still unable to offer an explanation.