A British scientist is hoping to prove that life exists on Mars.

Planet Mars

Planet Mars

Dr. Christian Schroder will pilot a rover on the red planet for 230 days next year and believes the mission could prove that life is present on Mars.

Schroder said: "Over the last two decades we have learned that there was plenty of liquid water on Mars more than 3.5 billion years ago.

"At that time, Earth and Mars were very similar and life was already well established on Earth.

"So it's conceivable that there was life on Mars, too. But even if we find the right signs, was that life independent of life on Earth? Or was it the result of meteorite exchange between Earth and Mars?

"If it was independent - and life originated twice within our solar system - then the universe could be swarming with life. If not, that would be less likely."

Stirling University expert Schroder will join boffins from Europe, Russia and Canada to command the Rosalind Franklin device when it launches in September 2022.