A survey has revealed British people regularly break the law without realising it.

Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul

A study conducted by BT TV to celebrate the UK network premiere of 'Better Call Saul', has discovered on average 32 crimes are committed by British people every year, although the offender is mostly unaware of it, and singing 'Happy Birthday' in a restaurant takes the top spot for being the most popular law to be broken by 48 per cent.

The report has shown road rage, which has seen drivers swear or flick the finger to other road users, is also in the top 10 laws to be broken alongside eating or drinking whilst at the wheel, parking on the pavement and tooting the horn for another reason than alerting traffic.

However, 98 per cent of people believe they have never broken any regulations and are in fact law abiding citizens, whilst 84 per cent of the British population are unsure what actions are legal.

Whilst a large majority of the public are confused by what constitutes a law, 60 per cent of people are angered when they witness someone breaking the law regardless of how big or small the matter is, and they will notice a wrong doing at least four times per day.

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