A psychologist has claimed British people are most festive on Christmas Eve rather than the day itself.

Brits hate Christmas

Brits hate Christmas

Emma Kenny joined forces with UKTV Play and commissioned a survey of 2,000 UK adults to find out what day is the most popular of the festive period.

And it has been discovered the build-up to Christmas is better than the day itself, as nearly half of people said decorating the tree was one of the reasons for their festive joy.

The research also looked at when the season of goodwill starts to plunge and one in six have admitted they feel frustrated once the festive period gets going.

More than half of Brits also have at least argument but only four per cent have 10 or more.

Emma said: ''We're all familiar with the excitement that comes when we hear our first Christmas song of the season, which only builds as we near Christmas Day.

''However, it's still surprising to learn that our joy peaks before the big day, when we descend into all too familiar family dynamics and arguments following a month of turkey dinners and mince pies!''