The quality of sleep for Brits gets worse after the age of 24.



Nearly 50 per cent of adults in the UK believe they get their best shuteye in their early twenties and only 24 per cent think it has got better with age.

The findings were discovered in a survey from the wellness lifestyle brand DoTERRA, which also found that 55 per cent of people claimed they “rarely” or “never’ got enough sleep.

Sleep expert Dr. Lindsay Browning said: “As the findings suggest, the quality of our sleep can be impacted by a number of things, and there are likely several reasons why younger people may enjoy their sleep more than older people, including level of fitness."

She also admitted that life can get more stressful from 25 onwards which may have influenced the results.

Browning said: “It might also be possible to surmise from the findings that post 25 years of age, life becomes more stressful. This added anxiety could explain why sleep may not be as good after our youth."