A bull with an itchy bottom cut off power to 800 homes whilst trying to scratch his backside.

A bull

A bull

Ron knocked a transformer off an electricity pole, leaving three villages in South Lanarkshire, Scotland, without electricity.

The bull's owner, Hazel Laughton, told BBC Scotland: ''We got up and saw a big generator sitting at the bottom of our road, all linked up to the poles. We thought that was a bit strange.

''We went up to feed our cows and it was my husband that noticed the transformer box had been knocked off the pole.

''We put two and two together and realised our bull had been scratching against the telegraph pole and he had knocked the box off the pole.''

Hazel claimed that Ron was left puzzled by the incident.

She said: ''He just looked a bit stunned. I don't think he really knew what had happened during the night.''