A café's reputation is under threat after its name appeared in an exam paper.

Exam fail

Exam fail

Calmer Café in Melbourne, Australia has been inundated with negative reviews after a Year 12 English exam paper - which was sat by around 43,000 students - featured a question involving a coffee shop with the same name.

The fake business was described as ''bland'' in the paper, and the question told about how a fictional customer called Jonty Jenkins was displeased with the staff and complained about the coffee.

Just hours after the test was completed, students took to Google to comment on the business - one even making a fake Jonty profile and giving poor reviews.

One of them wrote: ''Save yourselves the time and go next door to Flo's where they serve you at your table.''

While the students may have found the prank hilarious, café manager Elise Jenkins was understandably not amused.