A family's camera has been found seven years after it fell into a river in Florida.



Dustin Molina was giving a boat tour of Kings Bay when he spotted an object in the sand. He found that it was the camera and still had a functioning memory card loaded with photos dating back to 2012.

Molina told Bay News 9: "I'm watching this manatee eat, and that pretty much leads me to a camera just sitting there in the sands.

"There's 2,380 pictures on this. And it wasn't just pictures of visiting Crystal River, kayaking or what-not. There's pictures from numerous family holidays."

The camera belonged to Lori Stephens and her family as she recalled losing it.

She said: "This was our first time paddle boarding.

"We always wanted to try it, and it was a beautiful day. And as soon as we got out there, we saw maybe 8-10 manatees come around and in my excitement, I did not have the little wrist strap attached to the little waterproof camera, and it slipped in the water."