A cat has banned its owner from rubbing its stomach, tail and bottom.

Cat interview

Cat interview

Gabi carried out an interview on her four-legged friend, named Coco, and their conversation has since been shared on her father Paul Duane's Twitter account.

During Gabi and Coco's conversation, the youngster asked her cat about where it prefers to be stroked, and found out her favourite places are on the back and head, but not the bottom, stomach or tail.

Paul has revealed his child decided to carry out the meeting with Coco after she found diagrams online of the animal's favourite places to be petted, which she wanted to investigate further.

Speaking to Mashable Online, Paul said: ''Gabi saw diagrams online people had drawn of where their cats like to be petted and where they don't like it.

''She tried to draw her own but wasn't satisfied with it so she did the interview instead.''