A cat was reunited with its owner after surviving 11 days in an airport ceiling.

A cat

A cat

Taylor Le was left distraught when her moggy Muji fled in LaGuardia Airport in New York but was reunited with her pet after a desperate search.

Le explained how she knew that the cat would run when she let it out at security but was horrified when it crawled into a ceiling enclosure,

She told The New York Post newspaper: "I said, ‘She’s gonna run. Do I have to take her out?

"We walked through the metal detector and she got spooked, bit me, freaked out and ran off."

Fortunately, Taylor was reunited with Muji and believes that her bond with the feline has been strengthened as a result.

She explained: "The first year-and-a-half I had her, she wouldn't let me touch her, but then she started trusting me more and I was like, thank goodness I kept you.

"Every time I go on a trip and come back she's a little bit upset, but she's closer to me after that. It's amazing."