A man claims he can turn potatoes into cheese.

Spud cheese on the way

Spud cheese on the way

Andrew Dyhin, the founder of Potato Magic, has invented the CHATO - which stands for cheese and potato - and claims his version of the smelly but delicious food will eventually be used to top pizzas, make dairy free milk, ice cream and custard.

He explained the process to Metro.co.uk and said: ''Like a lot of great inventions, an incident in the lab during research and development experiments on another project was not consistent with the results expected.

''Several years later, The Incident was revisited and we found that the texture was cheesy - but not the taste.

''A few more years work and we now have a robust process for making CHATO out of any potato. And it melts like cheese.''

Andrew in confident his version of dairy free cheese will beat traditional vegan cheeses because he's able to add flavour.

He said: ''I love the look on a person's face when they try CHATO cheese for the first time. Their brain wrinkles their brow in rejection with the knowledge that the material in their mouth is mostly potato.''