Chefs at an Indian restaurant had to don protective clothing to handle a new curry - because it is so hot.

Hellfire Phaal

Hellfire Phaal

Employees at Tuk Tuk Indian Restaurant in Glasgow have been kitted out in the special outfits, including gloves, after a new curry twice as hot as the notoriously spicy vindaloo was created to celebrate Glaswegians enjoying the foodstuff hotter than anyone else in the UK.

That is according to a combination of UberEATS data and a study of 2,000 curry lovers, which has found people in the Scottish city cannot get enough of the spicy grub.

UberEATS have partnered with the Tuk Tuk Indian Restaurant to create the 'Hellfire Phaal' - one of the UK's hottest curries which features 12 chillies that aren't available in the majority of supermarkets.

Speaking about the sweat-inducing meal, chef Deepak Sapkota, 31, said: ''This curry isn't your typical vindaloo, this is much hotter. In fact we have never served a curry this hot before here at Tuk Tuk. We know our guests love spice as they're always asking for an extra chilli here and there, so we're thrilled to be able to create the hottest curry ever served on UberEATS.

''The chillies in this dish can't be found on the high street, you'll have to hunt them down or just order my creation through UberEATS. My secret weapon is always lemon juice, it sounds simple, but it's a chef's best friend when creating curry.''