Doing regular chores keeps the brain healthy for people aged over 60.



New research has found that doing housework is linked to improved memory, attention span and leg strength, which protects against tripping and falls.

Professor Shiou-Liang Wee, from the Singapore Institute of Technology, said: "After adjusting for other types of activity, housework was associated with sharper mental abilities and better physical capacity. But only among the older age group.

"Cognitive scores were eight per cent and five per cent higher respectively in those doing high volumes of light or heavy housework, compared with those in the low volume groups."

The study also found how hard somebody worked while carrying out chores had a direct impact on their mental function and physical ability.

The professor added: "Similarly, sit-to-stand time and balance/co-ordination scores were eight per cent and 23 per cent faster respectively in the high volume group than they were in the low volume group."