Coca-Cola has announced new vanilla and cherry flavours for its Zero range.

Coca Cola Zero Vanilla

Coca Cola Zero Vanilla

The drinks firm is responding to new data collected by Coca-Cola Freestyle drinks dispenser which showed that the Coca-Cola Classic with cherry and Coca-Cola Classic with Vanilla are the most popular combinations of the drink in the UK.

As a result it's launching the favourite flavours to its Coke Zero range - with vanilla flavour launching in April followed by cherry later this summer.

Cherry and vanilla beat off the likes of Coca-Cola with lime, raspberry, Fanta Grape and Fanta Fruit Punch to top the leader board.

Kate Miller, Marketing Manager at Coca-Cola Great Britain said: ''With cherry and vanilla mixes proving to be a firm favourite in the UK, we're excited to launch Coca-Cola Zero Sugar in these flavours. Coca-Cola Zero Sugar has become a firm favourite with fans since it launched last summer, so we're now offering people the chance to enjoy the great no sugar taste with a twist.''

Coca-Cola Freestyle is found in restaurants across the UK, which dispenses over 100 Coca-Cola Company drinks and endless bespoke recipes.

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