A comedian has travelled the world looking for places with rude names.

Road Signs

Road Signs

Nicholas Hale has spent 26 years posing for images in locations across the globe such as Yorkey's Knob in Australia and Shitterton in Dorset.

Some of the British locations he has visited include Bell End in the West Midlands, The Glory Hole in Lincoln and Minge Lane in Worcestershire.

Hale told The Sun newspaper: "It’s a pathetic obsession really but I think everyone can relate a bit.

"When most people see a rude place name, they have a little, childish chuckle."

The comic said he was inspired to seek crude locations after he was driven through the village of Wetwang near his home in Yorkshire but admits that posing with road signs can be hard as cheeky tourists steal them.

Hale said: "Some of them are hard to find because signs get stolen."