A lucky person could be paid £60 an hour to sleep.

A bed

A bed

Online marketplace Olivia's is looking for a 'comfort connoisseur' to test their beds, explaining that the applicant will need to try at least two beds per month for five nights and judge it on elements such as comfort and size.

The job description reads: ''It's certainly not like any other job, because essentially our Comfort Connoisseur will be paid to sleep in luxury beds and daybeds, and feedback to us on their experience.

''We'll then use the detailed feedback provided by our newly appointed member of the team to create a bespoke review system on all the beds we sell through our site.''

The job requires no experience or qualifications, but users must have indoor and outdoor space for beds and be over the age of 18. Olivia's would also prefer someone who doesn't have a sleep condition.