A confused shopper mistook butternut squash for cheese cubes.

Confused shopper mistook butternut squash for cheese cubes

Confused shopper mistook butternut squash for cheese cubes

Journalist James Dator took to Twitter to tweet the entire incident at a supermarket in the US, which saw the bemused customer demand the delicatessen slice up two pound of cheese for him into squares.

In a series of posts, James wrote: A very confused man is attempting to return his open diced butternut squash because he thought it was a giant box of cubed cheese ... I can't believe this. They're saying he can't because it's open. He's saying it wasn't clearly labeled ... There's a GIANT label that says butternut squash ... They've agreed to refund his money. Now he's demanding they honor 2 pounds of cubed cheese for $2.97 as if it was priced like squash ... ''Sir we don't have 2 pound bags of cubed cheese'' ''I have guests waiting!'' ... (sic)''

However, the unhappy purchaser left empty handed with neither the cheese or the vegetable.

The sports writer added to the micro-blogging site: ''He wants them to give him two pounds of block cheese and have the deli counter slice it into cubes for him ... Oh god an employee trying to be helpful half heard the conversation and retrieved a whole butternut squash and it's a lot worse now ... ''I DON'T WANT RABBIT FOOD I JUST NEED SOME GOTDANG CHEESE!!!'' ... He's leaving without the cheese and took the squash with him. (sic)''