People in Gloucestershire have been reminded not to poo at bus stops after cleaners were left understandably cross.

People have been pooing in the street

People have been pooing in the street

The faeces fury has increased after actual human waste was found in a number of shelters across Slimbridge and Cambridge in 2017, and now Slimbridge Parish Council has taken action.

Signs - complete with a picture of a person pooing with a red line through it, just to make sure everyone knows where they stand - have been put up with the clear instruction: ''No Human Fouling.''

Councillor Phil Garrett told the Gloucestershire Live newspaper: ''We encountered a bad spell of human fouling at our bus shelters last year and our poor cleaner wasn't very impressed.

''We looked at a few different options to combat the fouling. We considered a belt and braces approach and discussed the possibility of installing CCTV as well the signs to really nip it in the bud.

''But we agreed at our annual general meeting last year that we would try the signs first as this would be the most sensible option.''

Mr. Garrett - who suggested the signs have been a success despite the light tone for a serious issue - also dismissed the idea the pooing was the result of vulgar yobs or something more malicious.

He added: ''No, I don't think there was any malicious intent. I think it was just people who were waiting for the bus and were caught short.''