A couple were caught having sex in a plane toilet.

Couple caught having sex on plane

Couple caught having sex on plane

Passengers were stunned when cabin crew members on a flight to Cancun started banging on the toilet door and shouted for the couple to come out of the toilet.

When the door was finally open, they found a man standing with his trousers down and a woman sat on the toilet seat.

It was also revealed that the couple only met one another shortly before engaging in sexual activities.

A man who was sitting nearby told The Sun: ''She turned up on the plane totally sloshed at 12.30pm.

''The woman then struck up a bond with a guy who was travelling on his own and sat across the aisle from her.

''They were kissing. Minutes later she disappeared into the toilet, and he followed her in. It was so obvious. Everyone knew what was happening.''

The man reportedly began claiming the woman was unwell but the stewardess replied: ''You're not even travelling together. Why were you in there?''

The couple were escorted back to their respective seats and Mexican police were called.